IU Has A Viral Interaction With A Veteran Actress — She Helps The Idol In An Unexpected Situation


K-Pop singer IU recently had a viral interaction with a veteran actress who helped the idol in an unexpected situation.

K-Pop idol IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

Since debuting, IU has become one of the most-loved artists in Korea, wowing netizens with her unreal talent, visuals, and natural charm.

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Yet, despite being a veteran idol, IU has proved that everyone needs a bit of help from time to time.

On October 24, IU attended an event where she received the Presidential Commendation at the “8th National Day of Finance.”

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Before going on stage, netizens noticed that IU picked up a blue ribbon from the table, and the video immediately switched to a shot of the idol wearing it.

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Yet, it seems like IU had some help putting the ribbon on, and it was from none other than veteran actress Han Ji Min. In a series of photos, the actress showed her caring nature after noticing that IU had put the ribbon on in the wrong way.

Whether it was seeing that the ribbon seemed to be wonky…

| theqoo | theqoo

To Han Ji Min going directly in to help IU…

| theqoo | theqoo

And the reaction of both of them when they finally got it fixed. It was truly a wholesome moment that showed the personality of the two stars.

| theqoo

After the photos and clips were shared, international fans pointed out that it became a hot topic on the Korean forum called theqoo.

It even becomes a hot topic in the qoo

https://t.co/6d2jKVHrLM pic.twitter.com/7pAIC40qGe

— Vic_dlwlrma (@VicLJE) October 24, 2023

As always, IU is loved by everyone, and the fact Han Ji Min made sure she was looking her best before getting the award cements that she is K-Pop’s “Golden Girl.”

 Everyone needs some help, even veteran idols! 

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