IU Exposes Actor Jo Jung Suk’s Secret YouTube Channel


Fans believe that actress-soloist IU exposed actor Jo Jung Suk‘s (also romanized as Choi Jung Suk) secret YouTube account that he uses to post his song covers.

IU Jo Jung Suk

Recently, IU shared some of her fans’ covers of her new songs. One of these was the cover below of “Love wins all.”

Fans noticed it was a YouTube channel with less than 100 subscribers and just three videos. The cover itself only had about 177 views, although it was posted nearly a week ago. They thought it was so wholesome that IU watched even covers from small channels.

IU ig story!

Posted a cover from cgs records.

I checked his yt channel and its a small channel with 3 vids.

She really is watching the covers from all over and whoever

Thank you for your nice cover pic.twitter.com/d31AH2cpRD

— Strawberry Moon (@3viesls) February 15, 2024

Yet, after more fans discovered the channel, they became suspicious that this YouTuber was not a nobody. They believe it’s actor Jo Jung Suk, who IU previously worked with on 2013 K-Drama You Are the Best! 

They pointed out that the guitar used in the cover video is a custom guitar gifted to the actor by fans, and he is known to wear the mint hoodie. Besides, Hospital Playlist fans already know he’s musically talented!

So, how they know this person is Jo Jung Suk? It’s because the guitar that this person played is a custom guitar that his overseas fans personally made for him and the design is exactly the same And if you listen carefully to his voice, it’s Jo Jung Suk’s voice https://t.co/h42QndNf31

— 시카유 (@melloviciousiu) February 15, 2024

OP said they sometimes see Jo Jung Suk wears that mint hoodie around their local market and not a long time ago, he wore that hoodie when he went grocery shopping pic.twitter.com/vz0H9cMU2V

— 시카유 (@melloviciousiu) February 15, 2024

ok but srsly tho

this part solves the whole thing. THAT voice. the emotion in that voice.

we’ve repeatedly listened to hosplay songs over the past few years to not recognize that voice and style pic.twitter.com/lRRstT68Xu

— daisy ♡ 조절 뽀드윅era (@coffeewithoppa) February 15, 2024

Additionally, he only has a couple of videos posted, one of which claims to be a Jo Jung Suk AI cover of his wife, soloist Gummy‘s song! Knowing IU and she are also friends, fans believe he might have shared his “Love wins all” cover with her, not expecting her to post it publicly.

obsessed with iu intentionally exposing jo jung suk’s secret youtube (he’s gotta be in on it) where he pretended his actual cover of gummy’s (his wife) ‘please forget me’ was ai https://t.co/RE1E7EWTCt

— s. (@jieunkai) February 15, 2024

Jo Jongsuk slept last night after posting his IU cover of Love wins all with 177 views and 75 channel subscribers but woke up to 22k subscribers almost 170k views for the cover

Lol i just know he called her this morning pic.twitter.com/lx2uRnYY0D

— Strawberry Moon (@3viesls) February 16, 2024

The funniest thing I read today… IU exposing Jungseok’s secret YouTube account & him pretending to do ai covers of his wife’s song with his own voice. Hahaha https://t.co/TtgKagR3Uf

— m9rshmellow (@m9rshmellow) February 16, 2024

While the account appeared to be an innocent and casual YouTuber, fans believe that it has to be Jo Jung Suk’s secret account he used when he wanted to post song covers.

Excitedly IU posted
showing IU along with
his LWA cover the link
to his
secret yt channel pic.twitter.com/5tvpHW80of

— jj 🪽 (@dlwlrmwah) February 15, 2024

IU after revealing Jo Jongsuk’s personal yt acc…

— 마음 (((((((()))))))) (@akdmaeum) February 16, 2024

iu just going around yt watching ppl cover her songs so she can repost them on her ig & ending up exposing jo jongsuk yt channel & singing career

— (@serenefiIms) February 15, 2024

Jo Jung Suk’s agency, Jam Entertainment, has even released a statement concerning the actor’s alleged YouTube channel. They can neither confirm nor deny!

| MyDaily via @melloviciousiu/X

This is what Jo Jung Suk’s agency said about his (rumor) youtube channel .. I think IU might accidentally found that youtube channel and share it on her igs

This is so funny pic.twitter.com/jnwHDq9d0H

— 시카유 (@melloviciousiu) February 16, 2024

Thanks to IU, the channel now has 68K subscribers at the time of writing!

 He shared a cover of both her and his wife’s songs. 

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