IU Announces Her Collaboration With A NewJeans Member


IU is gearing up to release her sixth mini album The Winning, and the anticipation just went up several notches with the recently-dropped tracklist of the record.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

On February 4, the official tracklist of The Winning was posted online by the singer’s label, presented in the form of an online shopping cart. The album contains five brand new songs, two of them, “Shopper” and “Holssi,” being the title tracks.

| @edam.official/Instagram

Apart from these two, the pre-release single “Love Wins All” is accompanied by two other songs, “I Stan U” and “Shh..”. Out of all the five tracks, the one that has garnered the most attention is “Shh..” as the tracklist shows it features two other artists, Joe Won Sun and NewJeansHyein.

| @edam.official/Instagram Hyein | @newjeans_official/Instagram | @wonsun_joe/Instagram

Fans were intrigued to see Hyein’s name on the track, that too, accompanying Joe Won Sun, who is a veteran Korean singer. This unique combination of featuring artists has piqued the anticipation of many.

| theqoo “Wow, this is incredible! I’m looking forward to it ” “Whoa, Hyein’s voice is so good. I’m looking forward to it!” “I love this so much TTTTTT Our Hyein “ “IU, Hyein, and Joe Won Sun TTTTTTT.” “This is really happening! ” “This is so good ” “Whoa, I’m looking forward to it.” “Oh! IU and Hyein! Hyein’s voice is so good, I hope the song is good too!”

Though NewJeans is already a monster rookie group, being featured on IU’s album, that too at such a young age, is definitely an honor for Hyein. Many fans recalled the episode of IU’s Palette where NewJeans appeared as a special guest, highlighting that when Hyein sang “Get Up” live, IU was left awestruck by her voice, and that was probably the moment she decided to work with her.

oh it was at exactly this moment that IU knew she had to work with hyein… pic.twitter.com/h6WnBN5INm https://t.co/HiFsh8rqY1

— bear my birthday!!! (@vminnsm) February 4, 2024

IU was impressed by Hyein’s voice on Palette and really featured her on her album wow pic.twitter.com/BAQZixsOxM

— (@chatshirelore) February 4, 2024

I guess iu fell for hyein’s voice that day… SAME though pic.twitter.com/xfXjB6QDFr

— fa 𖥧 (@jieuniesse) February 4, 2024

Meanwhile, The Winning will be out on February 20, 6PM, KST.

 Fans believe their first meeting already sealed the deal on screen! 

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