ITZY’s Yuna Directly Addresses Accusations Of Using Hip Pads


ITZY‘s Yuna has a body so amazing that many have accused her of using correctional underwear such as hip pads. Due to her perfect proportions, many have suspected her of using them.

Netizens Defend ITZY’s Yuna After The Idol Is Criticized For Allegedly Wearing Hip Pads During Recent Promotions

In response to this, Yuna recently hit back at accusations on an episode of Radio Star.

On the episode, the hosts asked her if she was aware of the allegations. Her cover of Lee Hyori’s “U Go Girl” became a hot topic due to her hot body. She explained that she had purposely chosen the outfit due to her admiration for Y2K and Lee Hyori.

I loved Lee Hyori’s song so much that I wanted to do the outfit in a Y2K feel too. I went to Pinterest and personally screenshotted some pictures, saying that I hoped that we could go with such a feel.

— Yuna

Many of her childhood friends complimented her after the performance, saying that she “really glowed up.” Yuna maturely dealt with the baseless accusations of hip pads, by asking people to simply watch her “U Go Girl” performance.

So many people talked about it, asking if I inserted [hip pads.] I think if you watch the performance, [you’ll know…]

— Yuna

The performance outfit called for such a low-rise pair of jeans that it would have been impossible for her to wear hip pads or correctional underwear with it.

Make sure to catch her stunning performance below!

 She shut down rumors. 

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