ITZY’s Ryujin Asks Fans To “Stop Talking About” A Recent Topic Of Netizens’ Concern


ITZY‘s Ryujin has addressed netizens’ concerns stemming from a recent photo.

ITZY’s Ryujin

In photos from a recent fansign event, netizens spotted a large bump behind Ryujin’s ear, later identified as a keloid. Keloids are tissues that form at the site of a scar and can appear after getting piercings.

Ryujin has reportedly had this keloid for a while, but it became larger and more noticeable recently.

| @yeddeong_lovers/TikTok | @yeddeong_lovers/TikTok

These bumps are usually painless, something some netizens expressed, but others still showed concern for her comfort and worried about it possibly growing larger.

Just a day after the topic was brought to netizens’ attention, Ryujin directly discussed it.

In a series of messages sent on Bubble, the idol questioned if people had talked about her ears, as international fans were likely sending her messages about them on the platform. She thanked everyone for their concerns but said it was not something she could fix immediately.

| Bubble

RyujinWere people talking about my ears or something?
RyujinHow come that’s the only thing the i-Midzys are asking about?
RyujinThanks for the concerns… but it’s not something I can fix right away. In time, it’ll get taken care of.

Ryujin shared that she already had a doctor take a look and asked that fans stop talking about her ears, as she was likely bombarded with messages and likely saw some of the negative reactions.

| Bubble

RyujinI’ve had a doctor look at already, so don’t worry.
Ryujin: Let’s stop talking about my ears now, please!

It is good to know that Ryujin is not dealing with any pain, and hopefully, her messages reassured fans!

 Netizens expressed their concerns for her just a day ago. 

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