Ira Khan And Nupur Shikhare “Ganged Up” Against Everyone Else Playing Their Wedding Day Game

Ira Khan has been keeping her Instagram abuzz with inside stories from her wedding to Nupur Shikhare. On Tuesday, Ira shared a bunch of images from her marriage registration day on Instagram. They played a fun game called “IN it to WIN it!” and Ira won the game. The images, shared by Ira, captured the various moods of Ira and Nupur. She wrote in the caption, “IN it to WIN it! If you missed the claimed-to-be-rigged-game at the reception… sucks to be you. Of course it was hand-made with our various craft supplies at 3am… even though there were months to make it. And of course, Popeye and I ganged up against them. This is why we’re married. Poking fun aside, LOOK HOW CUTE THE BOARD IS AND HOW CUTE EVERYTHING WAS!!! I felt like we were on a game-show! Bucklist item ticked! Thank you.” In a post-script, Ira added, “BTW, I won.” Take a look:

Ira also shared a few images, with captions attached, on her Instagram stories. Ira shared a picture of herself in which she can be seen raising her hand and she wrote, “Even though I was the only person meant to answer… I must raise my hand.”

Ira shared a picture featuring Nupur Shikhare and wrote, “What a great game-show face! Uff! I love it.”

Ira also shared a picture from the fun game and wrote, “The questions were too easy… Again  Again Again! Also because I loved the game-show vibe.”

Ira and Nupur registered their marriage in Mumbai on January 3 in the presence of friends and family. Ira shared a bunch of images with brother Junaid, her mother Reena Dutta and others. She wrote in the caption, “First we were marrie (this will make sense with the later captions). We journeyed (I came ALL THE WAY from the 20th floor), we played (I won), we sang, @nupur_popeye and I didn’t dance – we smiled… we did paperwork!! Thank you for making us feel special and for your good natured participation in our slightly haphazard production with its many last minute change of plans! We met people haven’t seen in ages!! One of the things I was really looking forward to was to meet all the people in our lives, from all its different parts.Thank you to everyone who came.” Take a look:

Ira Khan shared the teaser of her wedding video on social media and wrote, “This is only a teaser but neither Ethereal nor us could wait. We wanted to celebrate in the mountains, with the people we love. And we did. It was stunning when we were there but we didn’t realise we were getting married in Rivendell (Nupur Shikhare now we have to watch the third Lord of the Rings) It is difficult to put all the love and feelings of that day into words. Thankfully, we have this video instead.” Take a look:

After registering their marriage, Ira and Nupur hosted big, fat wedding festivities in Udaipur. Later, they hosted a grand reception in Mumbai. Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Rekha, Saira Banu, Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor and many other celebrities attended the reception.

 Ira wrote that she won the game     

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