International K-Pop High School Set To Open In Busan


The Busan Office of Education has announced plans to establish the first Busan International K-Pop High School. This specialized educational institution, slated to open in March 2028, is set to replace Garak Middle School in Busan. The new school will offer a unique curriculum focusing on various aspects of K-Pop, with the aim of attracting both Korean and international students.

The building the school will operate in. | Korea Electronics Exhibition

The International K-Pop High School in Busan distinguishes itself from its predecessors by targeting a wider, more diverse student body. This approach includes a curriculum designed to cater to both Korean and foreign students, offering a comprehensive education in K-Pop. It stands out as the first K-Pop concept educational institution in the Anglo-Australian region.

The decision to utilize the site of the recently closed Garak Middle School is a strategic move to optimize the budget and resources. The choice of location is expected to enhance the accessibility and appeal of the school.

Many idol aspirants dream of making it big, with BTS being one of the biggest inspirations. | Forbes

While the specific details of the curriculum are still being finalized, the focus will be on delivering a holistic K-Pop education. This includes training in vocals, dance, songwriting, and composing. The school aims to equip students with skills comparable to those taught in typical K-Pop agencies. Moreover, the Busan government plans to amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to facilitate the admission of foreign students and the collection of tuition fees, reflecting its commitment to internationalization.

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The effectiveness of this educational model, in comparison to private schools like Korea K-Pop High School, remains to be seen. The latter, with its division into specialized majors such as dance, vocal, and rap, focuses on preparing students for auditions. The International K-Pop High School will need to offer a curriculum that not only competes with private agency schools but also attracts a substantial number of foreign students.

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The challenge for the K-Pop High School Task Force will be to develop a unique and effective curriculum that stands out in the competitive world of K-Pop training. As the 2028 opening date approaches, the eyes of the K-Pop world will undoubtedly be on Busan, eagerly anticipating the impact of this innovative educational venture.

 The school aims to attrack both Korean and international students. 

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