International K-Pop Fans Awed By NewJeans Minji’s Muscular Physique


Being a K-Pop idol is a physically demanding job that requires a lot of strength and endurance, especially for performance-heavy groups. And with the most recent generations of K-Pop being more strongly focused on performances than in the past, there are many idols who are incredibly (though sometimes surprisingly) strong and muscular!

And sometimes that strength comes with a very pretty and elegant aura, as is the case with NewJeans member Minji.

Minji (NewJeans)

Recently, a post was made on a Korean forum that brought up Minji’s toned and muscular figure. Upsettingly, the original author seemed to actually try to be insulting the NewJeans member by talking about her build, but it quickly backfired on them, and rightfully so. Just look how strong and powerful Minji looks!

| Pann Nate

It’s not easy to build up such nice muscle tone like Minji has, and it gives her a fun and sporty look that a lot of people envy.

It doesn’t detract at all from her femininity and beauty, and thankfully, many fans have stepped up and shared their praise and love for Minji and her impressive figure.

We would love to know what her workout routine looks like!

Here’s what international fans had to say about Minji’s gorgeous figure.

We love to see K-Pop idols thriving in strong, fit, healthy bodies!


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