Infamous Gangnam “Box Girl” Reveals Identity And Addresses Massive Backlash


The identity of a controversial woman known as  the”Apgujeong Box Girl” has been revealed.

“Apgujeong’s Box Girl” | FM Korea

On October 16, it was reported that a woman was going viral for walking around Gangnam’s glitzy Apgujeong area in the nude while wearing a box with holes in it.

“Touch My Breasts” Gangnam’s “Box Girl” Sparks Outrage And Disgust

Most problematic was the fact that the woman reportedly walked up to several men, asking them to touch her breasts by placing their hands inside the box.

On October 17, it was revealed that the woman is adult actress Ah In. On this day, Ah In spoke with several media outlets about her self-claimed performance art.

Ah In | @a__in04/Instagram

When asked if strangers touching her didn’t upset her, Ah In answered cooly that it didn’t bother her at all.

I wasn’t upset. (My breasts) is what I am most proud of. I want to show it off. I wish every man would touch them.

— Ah In

When asked about the massive criticisms levied against her for the stunt, the model, again, cooly answered that the negative responses didn’t bother her.

I think if there are people who have a negative reaction, then there are people who have a positive reaction. I’m someone who doesn’t care about negative responses and only looks at positive ones.

— Ah In

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 The woman went viral for asking men to touch her body. 

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