Infamous Former Idol Killed Delivery Driver In DUI Accident While Fleeing From Another Hit-And-Run


Former idol and current DJ, Ahn Yesong — better known by her stage name DJ Yesong — has been implicated in a deadly chain of incidents that led to the death of a delivery driver in Seoul. The incidents shocked netizens, revealing a disturbing pattern of reckless behavior by the former idol.

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On the unfortunate night of February 3 DJ Yesong was involved in a hit-and-run accident while driving under the influence of alcohol. Investigations later unveiled that this was not an isolated incident, but part of a series of reckless actions leading to a fatal outcome.

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With a blood alcohol content of 0.221%, DJ Yesong’s level of intoxication far exceeded the legal limit, prompting immediate revocation of her driving privileges.

However, the gravity of her actions became even more apparent when police investigations revealed that before the fatal accident that took the life of a delivery driver in his 50s, DJ Yesong was fleeing from another collision.

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This earlier accident involved her crossing the centerline and colliding with an oncoming vehicle, causing injuries to the other driver that necessitated two weeks of medical treatment. Dashcam footage from DJ Yesong’s vehicle confirmed these events, showcasing a clear disregard for the law and safety of others.

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Senior Prosecutor Lee Jund Ong of the 5th Criminal Division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office charged DJ Yesong with multiple offenses under the Road Traffic Act, including dangerous driving resulting in death, fleeing the scene, and drunk driving. The decision was made to place DJ Yesong under arrest, reflecting the severity of her actions.

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Public outcry has been immense, with the prosecution receiving over 1,500 petitions from the victim’s family and the Rider’s Union, to which the deceased delivery driver belonged, calling for stringent punishment.

Furthermore, in a move to clamp down on habitual drunk driving, the vehicle involved in the crime has been seized, with plans for its confiscation underway.

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As the case proceeds, the spotlight on DJ Yesong’s actions serves as a grim reminder of the devastation caused by drunk driving and the urgent need for society to confront and curb this menace.

 She had caused injuries to the other driver that necessitated two weeks of medical treatment. 

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