Industry Expert Breaks Down Significant Impact Of BTS V’s Compose Coffee Ad


As the BTS members focused on their individual activities before their mandatory military enlistments in 2022 and 2023, member V kept busy with recording music, making appearances as the global ambassador of multiple luxury brands, filming fun reality show content like In the Soop: Friendcation and Jinny’s Kitchen, and more.

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In January, the fourth-largest Korean coffee brand, Compose Coffee, unveiled their new 10th anniversary advertisement featuring BTS’s V. In the fun commercial, V shows off his acting skills as both the barista and the customer.

According to Newsis, V earned an estimated ₩6.00 billion KRW (about $4.61 million USD) in modeling fees for the advertisement.

Recently, Jung Hyun Young, the deputy director of the Korea Advertising Association, released an analysis of BTS V’s impact on advertising for the brand.

Jung Hyun Young broke down how strategically the brand incorporated V’s unique personality, skills, and image for maximum impact.

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Following the brand’s announcement that BTS’s V would be their spokesmodel, Compose Coffee saw an immediate positive effect with an increase of over 2.6 million new subscribers on their app.

Within two days of announcing his favorite drink by the coffee brand, there was a 72% increase in sales for Citron Tea.

While Jung Hyun Young acknowledged that having BTS’s V as a spokesmodel is significant in and of itself, the brand took extra measures to increase the impact of their partnership.

One of those strategies was through the fact that BTS’s V is a singer-songwriter. Jung Hyun Young pointed out that through being a composer, V helped make the name Compose Coffee more memorable.

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The brand also benefited from releasing the pre-filmed material with BTS’s V after he had enlisted in the military. With less content from the global group due to their military service, netizens are eager for updated content, which drove engagement.

Jung Hyun Young noted that it was also V’s playful personality that fit so well with the brand, making their partnership even more effective. The incorporation of his love of jazz and music worked seamlessly with their slogan for the ad, “V is a composer, eVeryone is a composer,” and their slogan, “everyday fresh coffee.

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V continues to create an undeniable global impact.

Check out his ad below!

 Here’s why he was the perfect spokesmodel! 

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