Indian Idol controversy: Season one winner Abhijeet Sawant reacts to Amit Sana’s cheating accusations; calls him naive


Indian Idol is one of the most loved reality shows. Currently the 14th season of the show is going on and the craze for the show has not finished. The show is once again the talk of the town because of season 1 contestants, Abhijeet Sawant and Amit Sana. Abhijeet Sawant won Indian Idol season 1 and Amit Sana emerged as the runner up. Now, Amit Sana has made various allegations against Abhijeet. He said that his voting lines were allegedly blocked by the show’s makers two days before the finale to make Abhijeet win.

Abhijeet Sawant reacts to Amit Sana’s allegations

BollywoodLife is now on WhatsApp. Click here to join for the latest Entertainment News. Speaking to News 18 Showsha, Abhijeet Sawant said that Amit’s allegations are fake. He also called Abhijeet naive. He added that numerous factors contribute to a contestant’s victory in a reality show and that Amit was not the only contestant in the finale of the show. This is a big story in Entertainment News and TV news. He added, “He is very naive. I have been to many competitions. There are several reasons why you lose a competition. It is not just one thing. He should not forget that he was the runner-up. It wasn’t like we both were the only talented boys in the show, there were several other talented people in that competition.”

Abhijeet feels there is no point in saying things after decades

He shared that Amit’s people have conveyed such allegations to him and it can be sentimental also and their opinions as well. He also said that the whole of India was voting and the whole of India cannot vote for just one person.

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He also mentioned that Indian Idol 1 was monitored by international team and they were always there on the sets. Amit also said that there was political influence in Abhijeet’s win. Abhijeet reacted to the same and said that there is not point in saying all this at this point of time after so long. Indian Idol 1 winner Abhijeet Sawant has reacted to allegations made by Indian Idol 1 runner up Amit Sana. Amit had said that the makers blocked his voting lines to make Abhijeet win. 

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