Imran Khan Recalls His Most Memorable Encounter With A Fan: “Door Opens And This Girl Charges Out”

After an absence of over nine years from the big screen, Bollywood star Imran Khan is finally back. Recently, he sat down for an interview with Vogue India. When asked about his “most memorable encounter with a fan,” Imran recounted, “I was walking down a street in London and I could see this car going back and forth and back and forth, trying to parallel park. The door opens and this girl charges out, ‘Can you please help me park my car?’ I take the keys from her and as I am getting in, there is another girl in the passenger seat, who gets out. All of that is happening while I back the car into its spot and I get out and she’s like ‘Thank you. Thank you… are you?’ and I said, ‘Yes’ and she goes, ‘Oh my God, oh my God it’s you’.”

A few days ago, during his cover interview with Vogue India, Imran Khan opened up about a “low” phase in his life. He said, “I hit a low in 2016 where I felt broken inside. Luckily, I was working in an industry that had rewarded me financially, so by the time I was 30, I didn’t have to worry about money. At that point, it wasn’t my career because I wasn’t excited by it enough to want to work hard for it. I had recently become a father and thought, ‘This is valuable. This is something I take seriously.’ I wanted to be the best version of myself for Imara. I decided it was no longer my job to be an actor. Now, I had to fix myself; be at my healthiest and strongest for my daughter.” 

The actor continued: “When Katti Batti flopped, I wanted to understand some things, so I began working backwards. What had been the biggest hits of the last two or three years? What were the films that had brought my contemporaries success? Do I like those films? Would I have said yes had they been offered to me? The answer was always no. And that clarified something for me. What I actually wanted was for the films I was in to be successful.”

Since his last appearance in Katti Batti in 2015, Imran Khan has been MIA from the big screen. According to the report, “By popular demand, he’s (Imran Khan) back in front of the camera. He’s taking baby steps: a one-day shoot now, but hopefully, a movie schedule soon.”

Imran Khan made his acting debut with the 2008 film, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. The Abbas Tyrewala directorial featured Genelia D’Souza as the female lead.

 On the work front, Imran Khan was last seen in the 2015 film, Katti Batti      

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