Im Soo Hyang’s Behind-The-Scene Story Of Her Kiss With Cha Eunwoo Sends Netizens Into Jealousy Mode


Actress Im Soo Hyang, who was the female lead of the popular K-Drama Gangnam Beauty opposite Cha Eunwoo, recently shared an astonishing behind-the-scenes TMI.

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The story of Gangnam Beauty centers on the life of Kang Mi Rae, a college student who underwent cosmetic surgery after getting bullied for the way she looks. However, the decision backfired as her peers started to ridicule her for her post-surgery “artificial beauty.”

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The show ends with Mi Rae growing empowered and secure with herself and her relationship with Do Kyung Seok (Cha Eunwoo). The couple share a long kiss in the closing scene, tying the story to a conclusion.

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Almost five years after the show, Im Soo Hyang has revealed a fun fact about the heart-fluttering kissing scene that left netizens flabbergasted. It turns out the scene took her and Cha Eunwoo six hours to complete it!

On October 18, Im appeared on KBS 2 TV’s Problem Child In House and shared some never-heard-before stories from Gangnam Beauty. She revealed that the scene took two days to film, and the time spent on the kiss was close to six hours!

Im explained that since it was a very important scene, and a very long one as well, the time spent on it was also exceptionally long.

The actress added that the kiss was filmed in 360 degrees and in several angles. The leads had to practice it on set multiple times before doing it on camera. In fact, they had to rehearse it so many times that Im ended up getting blisters on her lips. “If you watch the scene closely, you can see my swollen lips,” she said, referring to the actual scene included in the show’s concluding episode.

While for the actress, the kissing scene was evidently grueling, netizens have given hilarious reactions to the story. Most of the comments expressed jealousy, some toward Im Soo Hyung and others toward Cha Eunwoo.

|  “Pay more taxes, TT.” “Oh, that’s most enviable story I’ve ever heard in my life.” “I’m freaking jealous.” “Ms. Soo Hyang is very lucky, LOL.” | “Mr. Director, I can film every day for six years without sleeping or eating.” “I’m f*cking jealous…Im Soo Hyang.” “I’m jealous…six hours…” | “I’m freaking jealous, Ms. Im Soo Hyang.” “I’m jealous of Cha Eunwoo.” “F*cking jealous of you, Cha Eunwoo.” “F*ck.” “From today onward, my dream is to be an actor.”  “Pay more taxes.” 🤣 

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