ILLIT’s First Music Show Win Sparks A Heated Debate About Company “Privilege”


ILLIT‘s first music show win has sparked a heated debate about “privilege” among the big K-Pop companies.

The members of ILLIT | @illit_official/Twitter

On April 2, ILLIT got their first win on the K-Pop show The Show with points that surpassed the other two rookie girl groups by a huge amount.

The members seemed shocked and emotional as they received their trophy.

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After the members won, while many fans congratulated the group, it also sparked a debate about the “Big 4” privilege. In a tweet, one OP claimed that groups from the big four companies (HYBE, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and YGEntertainment) shouldn’t be allowed on The Show.

big4 groups should be banned from the show

— niza (@coloredseung) April 2, 2024

In a post under the OG tweet, another user shared photos from past The Show episodes where idols from SM and HYBE artists got wins with a huge gap compared to the other nominations.

When the tweet was shared, it sparked a huge debate. Some fans claimed that this had never been an issue until the “dominance” of HYBE was noticed after the company’s various sub-labels started debuting more groups and that idols shouldn’t be “banned” from shows just because they’re bigger and more popular from debut.

this was never an issue for yall till hybe gained prominence tho hmmm… it’s a music show for promotion ofc a rookie hroup is gonna go there gtfo

— meena (@atonnystini) April 2, 2024

the show is a music show and not a charity site..

— que (@belensiagawk) April 2, 2024

not trying to defend fucking hybe but funny how this is only an issue when its hybe groups bc ive never seen any of yall complain when the same thing happens to a sm/jyp/yg group

— may (@swaanjis) April 3, 2024

the show isn’t just for nugus, it’s the first award show rookies attend after they debut, mostly younger groups attend it. notice how it’s very minimal that a sunbae group attend this.

— 17 IS RIGHT HERE 04.29 ! (@chuckflaptail) April 3, 2024

Yet, others agreed with OP. Some claimed that The Show was more orientated towards groups from smaller companies, while others shared their sympathy with the less-known idols who they believed were being overlooked.

some people are misunderstanding this tweet it’s not about the encore the show was made for nugu artists to get their chance at stardom. big artists being there takes away those chances because they can get wins anywhere else while small artists can’t

— ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚ (@kyoongfairy) April 2, 2024

The essence of The show was to take the idols of small and medium-sized companies to make it fair and they are literally filling everything except small companies

— Jocé (@eunbinglow) April 2, 2024

sorry but i have to agree with this.. not just hybe but all who have initial wide demographic promotion. I feel bad for those groups from smaller companies.

— Mari 🩷 (@Lyoonhan) April 2, 2024

the same fans will then say “come back to me when your nugu group can win a music show” as if their group isn’t intentionally stealing all the wins from said nugu groups

— sam 🩷 BOYCOTT HYBE! (@RINGTHEAL4RM) April 3, 2024

While there are no requirements or restrictions for idols attending and being eligible for music show wins, it seems like the number of artists from big companies getting wins early in their careers hasn’t gone unnoticed.

 Do you think certain companies should be banned? 

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