Idol Married To Celebrity Husband Booked For Illegal Drug Use


A singer and an idol have reportedly been booked for illegal drug use.

Joong Boo Ilbo

On October 25, Kyung Hyang Shinmun reported that Incheon Police had booked a singer, “B,” and an idol, “C,” for drug use. Husbands of both “B” and “C” are said to be famous celebrities themselves.

According to the report, the police learned of “B” and “C”‘s drug use while investigating an employee of a high-end adult establishment.

Another Famous Celebrity Is Under Investigation For Using Drugs

Previously, an associate of Incheon Police corroborated the report, stating that they were currently investigating the celebrities.

It is true that we are investigating a famous celebrity suspected of using drugs, other than Lee Sun Kyun.

We cannot provide any other details since the case is under investigation.

— Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency

Stay tuned for updates.

 Details hinting at her identity have been released. 

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