Idol Indicted For Filming And Distributing Pornography Involving A Minor


Taiwanese actor Aaron Yan is facing allegations of filming and distributing pornography involving a minor.

Aaron Yan | @aayan1120/Instagram

On November 8, Taiwanese news outlets reported that prosecutors in the Shilin District of Taiwan indicted Aaron Yan on charges of filming and distributing child pornography.

Reports state that fans are shocked by the news due to Aaron Yan’s popularity. The Taiwanese idol debuted as part of Fahrenheit in 2005 and has since become an actor.

Fahrenheit |

Previously, the idol was accused of raping and having an inappropriate relationship with his then-16-year-old ex-boyfriend. The victim, who is now a content creator, shared his story in an Instagram post where he exposed the idol’s abuse.

Taiwanese Star Aaron Yan Accused of Raping His 16-Year-Old Ex-Boyfriend in #MeToo Revelation


 The idol was previously accused of sexually exploiting a minor. 

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