Idol Calls Out And Exposes Personal Details Of Fan Who Accused Him Of Lip-Syncing


Keung To, an idol from the top Hong Kong group MIRROR, has called out and posted the personal information of a fan who accused him of lip-syncing.

MIRROR’s Keung To | @keung_show/Instagram

MIRROR is currently the hottest boy group in Hong Kong, and member Keung To is one of the most popular artists there.

Recently, a clip of Keung To gained attention after netizens accused the idol of lip-syncing during a performance. In the video, the idol had a very cute reaction to a child that causes him to stop singing.

After the clip started gaining attention, Keung To took to his Instagram. In the first story, he shared a black screen with the caption, “Sorry, I can’t hold it in anymore.”

| @keung_show/Instagram

Keung To shared a picture of a comment from a fan (while the username has been blurred, it was not removed in the original story).

In the story, the fan commented, “Actually, it’s so obvious that he was not singing for real. Can’t he be more sincere and professional? Why do you need to lip-sync? That’s not okay at all!”

The idol then shared his response to the comment, explaining that their views were covering up “hard work,” adding that the netizen’s page was about mental health but that her words could hurt someone.

It’s fine to dislike it, but please don’t use your subjective views to cover up someone’s hard work.

The thing that angers me the most is that your Instagram has a series of videos about mental health. That’s great. But please walk the talk. Otherwise, I think that’s very ironic. You never know how a simple sentence can hurt someone so deeply.

Keyboard buttons can really hurt someone.

— Keung To

| @keung_show/Instagram

Keung To then posted again, elaborating on his reply to the fan. In the message, he shared a similar message to his response but added that he didn’t want someone who was advocating to help people with mental health to hurt others.

I saw it by accident. This comment is so ironic. Someone who always shares mental health information on Instagram is actually saying hurtful things about others. It’s really fine to dislike it, but please don’t make assumptions and spread unconfirmed things based on your subjective views.

I don’t want those who help others with mental health issues to also be hurting others.

— Keung To

| @keung_show/Instagram

The idol then continued posting and shared a photo of the fan who had made the comments (the original photo and username were not blurred in the original story) but then deleted it immediately.

What you said about empathy and misunderstandings, I hope you can set an example for yourself.

— Keung To

| @keung_show/Instagram

While it was deleted quickly, the story was shared on his account, which has over a million followers.

After all the stories from the idol were posted, the fan hit back with their own response. In the post, the fan explained that if it was “fake,” the idol should clarify because it was a letdown if it was true that Keung To lip-synced.

I really don’t understand. If the clip is fake, you could just clarify it. Did it cause a misunderstanding? But just from looking at it, it’s really a letdown. Humans can have different views, but nothing I said was malicious. They’re all just viewpoints. I don’t have any opinions about him.

— The OP

The fan then posted again, sharing that they weren’t trying to be malicious or hateful, even adding the fact that they had defended MIRROR on multiple occasions.

The user then explained that they were just saying what they were seeing and would stop if it was viewed as an “attack.”

I’ve already defended [MIRROR] many times when people maliciously attacked them. Because, as someone from an older generation, I’ve just been telling the truth. No matter who’s getting bullied, when I see it, I just want people to have more respect and be more fair. Likes and viewpoints can be different, but that’s all personal. However, if it’s an attack, then I’d definitely leave a comment to stop it.

But, this time, I’m just a normal person. If the clip is fake, then I’m sorry for misunderstanding him without being able to fact-check. But I have nothing against him. I have friends who like him a lot. As for me, overall, I had started liking him more and more.

— The OP

In the next story, the OP acknowledged that they didn’t really know how to use Instagram but wanted to communicate with him. Yet, also realized the seriousness of her details being posted by the idol, adding, “My account is going to be flooded.”

Alright, as an older person, I don’t really know how to use Instagram. It seems like he’s misunderstood. If he’s being rational, I feel like it’d be possible to communicate with him. But I don’t understand or know him, and I know he posted about this in his stories because he’s angry, so my account is going to be flooded. I’ll treat this as an experience.

— The OP

The final story from the fan simply said, “Don’t worry, everyone. Take care of yourself first. That’s all I have to say.”

While the OP shared their concerns about their information being shared, the comments seemed to stand in favor of Keung To, as many shared hateful messages accusing the fan of “cyberbullying.”

Are you a vocalist? Otherwise, how are you able to know if that was real singing as soon as you hear it? You, talking about empathy? That’s funny. Why is this woman hurting such an upright young man? No one is worried about you. You said you were getting cyberbullied, but you’re cyberbullying others. You and your snarky remarks. Are you just improvising a psychologist? You don’t have empathy at all.

Keung To has not further responded to the latest developments after his initial Instagram stories.

 It all stemmed from a performance video posted online. 

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