Identity Of Actor Targeted In Knife Attack Revealed


The identity of an actor that a fan had attacked with a knife has been revealed.

Park Eun Tae

On November 21, SBS News reported that Gang Seo Police had arrested a woman in her 30s. The report states that the woman was arrested for attacking actor Park Eun Tae with a knife in the dressing room of the musical Ben Hur.

The woman is reported to have first approached the actor by stating she was a fan before pulling out a knife. Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun was reportedly injured in the fray when he intervened to stop the woman.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Injured In Knife Attack

Neither Park Eun Tae nor Kyuhyun is said to have ever met the woman. Police are investigating the woman and are planning to additionally charge her with stalking.

Stay tuned for updates.

 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was injured while protecting the actor. 

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