“I Need A Japanese Friend”—aespa’s Karina Fulfills Giselle’s Wish In The Most Extroverted Way


Aespa‘s Giselle, born Aeri Uchinaga, is half-Japanese and half-Korean. She studied at the International School of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo, Japan, before moving to South Korea to become a trainee at SM Entertainment.

Because she is now based in Korea, she does not often have the chance to make new friends from the country she grew up in. Her Japanese skills are also rusting due to her limited local social circle, something she admitted to in the girl group’s new vlog.

I need a Japanese friend.

— Giselle

The aespa rapper went on to compliment girl group XG. She noticed that they are fluent in both Korean and English despite being full Japanese and she would love to meet them to practice her skills.

Even if they speak Japanese, they’re all so good at Korean so we can’t help but speak in Korean.

— Giselle

Like a true friend, Karina came to Giselle’s rescue with a ready solution! Since the latter wanted to make new connections, she took it upon herself to be the one to set up a meeting with XG.

I heard they’re all good in Korean because Karina said she ran into them in Disneyland.

— Giselle

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This introduction was like fate as the Karina and XG just happened to both be at Disneyland the day before. Being the extrovert that she is, Karina approached them first and started a conversation.

I went to Disneyland yesterday. I saw them and went to say hi. I was like, ‘XG?’ But they recognized me too. We met exactly at the roller coaster so we said hello to each other and even while we were eating [we asked each other if we could film a TikTok together.]

— Karina


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i still can’t believe i was able to say hi to them at DISNEY?? I ALMOST CRIED ! they looked so cute and they were so nice @XG Official #disneyland #xg #kpop


She kept true to her promise and helped Giselle meet XG’s Chisa and Juria. They introduced themselves…

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…complimented each other’s songs…

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…and became much closer by the end of their meeting.

Karina even told the girls directly that “Giselle needs a Japanese friend” because of how infrequently she uses the language nowadays.

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Fans found it hilarious how Karina, the extrovert, adopted her introverted member into her new circle of friends.

karina who is an extrovert is promoting her introvert friend giselle to xg so she gets more japanese friends why are they so cute pic.twitter.com/pZDF8Ym3Zo

— 13 ✿ (@uchgaeri) September 20, 2023

Check out the full vlog below to see more of aespa’s experiences in the United States last August.

 The extrovert friend is coming to the introvert’s rescue! 

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