“I Felt Pressure Because Of Them”—TXT’s Beomgyu Honestly Explains How His Members Affected Him In Recent World Tours


TXT‘s Beomgyu is the latest member to be interviewed by Weverse Magazine. He opened up about having a difficult time when performing in the group’s world tours Act: Lovesick (2022) and Act: Sweet Mirage (2023).

I had a really hard time during and after our first world tour, and I was certain that, unless I’m healthy, there would be no point in making it to the top.

— Beomgyu


He admitted that Yeonjun and Taehyun were the reasons behind this, specifically their “vision” for the performances, perfecting every step from start to finish.

I was firm about that. So if I’m being honest, I felt pressure because of Yeonjun and Taehyun’s vision. I’m the kind of person who strives for happiness in his everyday life, but they said they feel like making it to the top is what would make them feel happy.

— Beomgyu

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He added that he felt pressured by their desire to reach the top. In his own Weverse Magazine interview, Yeonjun talked about never being satisfied with the heights they had already reached. In his defense, he wanted to live up to the expectations of his fans as well as his own self.

Weverse Magazine: You once said that “whether it be the biggest venue or the biggest stage for a singer, I want to perform in it.” Since then, you headlined Lollapalooza and performed at the VMAs. Would you say that, to some extent, your wish came true?

Yeonjun: Very much so. But I still want more. Humans are greedy. (laughs) I want to push our boundaries as far as we can. Playing on big stages is a significant source of motivation for me. Achieving one thing doesn’t mean it’s the end. I don’t want to slide back when we’re already up here. The more we grow and deliver good results, the bigger the expectations from the audience. I think the higher you climb, the harder the fall can be, and that pushes me to keep obsessing over getting better. But most importantly, I don’t want to let myself down.

Though he did not originally share in their vision, Beomgyu pushed forward for the sake of his members.

What could I do? We’re a team, after all. We work together for the sake of each other’s happiness.

— Beomgyu

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At the end of the day, he always does his best because he loves TXT.

I thought it over and said, ‘We’re a team, so I want to work together to make it happen. If that’s what everyone wants, I’ll work hard alongside you. Let’s put in the effort and make it to the top.’

— Beomgyu

| Twitter/TXT_BIGHIT

Check out TXT’s latest comeback title track, “Chasing That Feeling,” below.

 “So if I’m being honest…” 

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