“I Feel Like I Could Date Him”: SHINee’s Taemin And SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Flirt With Each Other


Imagine your bias says he could date you. SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi can actually relate.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi | PLEDIS Entertainment

Hoshi is known as one of the biggest Shawols (SHINee fans) ever. He has previously expressed that SHINee was a big inspiration for him in choosing to become a K-Pop idol himself. Now a successful idol as a member of SEVENTEEN, he can’t help but get starstruck around SHINee.

This successful fanboy has recently formed a friendship with SHINee’s maknae, Taemin. He’s not only received a signed album but during recent respective comeback promotions, they have done each other’s TikTok dance challenges.

Now, Hoshi and Taemin appeared on KODE together, in which the two texted each other on opposite walls. Hoshi revealed they became friendly after the “HARD” dance challenge, and Taemin had promised to treat him to a meal one day, but he has yet to set the date.

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Both Hoshi and Taemin acted as other people while texting, but only Hoshi was in on the secrets. However, Taemin is a smart guy, and about halfway through, he realized the person he was texting must be Hoshi! So, they started talking normally about their respective comebacks and making a date for a meal.

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In the end, when they reunited, Hoshi praised Taemin, explaining that he felt like he finally made it once he met his idol, Taemin. Likewise, Taemin praised Hoshi, saying that he was comfortable with him and could do anything with him. Taemin even trusts Hoshi enough to give him his passcode to his house.

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In the end, Taemin was asked if he felt he got closer to Hoshi today. He replied, “Yes,” so much so that he felt he could date him!

I feel like I could date him.

— Taemin

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Hoshi is literally the picture of a successful fan!

Watch the full video below.

 Hoshi is a succesful fan! 

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