HyunA Uploads Then Deletes New Post Following Her Dating Controversy With Yong Jun Hyung


Soloist HyunA has deleted content on Instagram following her dating controversy.


On January 18 KST, HyunA and her longtime friend and former labelmate, ex-BEAST/Highlight member Yong Jun Hyung (also known as Junhyung), seemingly announced that they’re dating by posting a lovestagram, matching photos of them walking on a beach, holding hands.

HyunA’s fans were shocked and disappointed, to say the least. While they wished for her happiness, they couldn’t believe she would not only associate herself with but date a man linked to the Burning Sun scandal.

hyuna wrote BABE, the song that was banned from show performances, due to its controversial implications of the sexualization she faced, while being so young. then she turns around and willingly dates one of THEE Burning Sun scandal perpetrators.. pic.twitter.com/QjMrvwEAwx

— dj 樂☆ FUCK KPOP FANS (@jenoloft) January 18, 2024

No but hyuna is so slimy bc how do you go from being an inspiration for women in your country to date a man who caused so much damage to those same women? pic.twitter.com/dKu4wB4RlB

— alex• (◜◡◝) (@revelvelvets) January 18, 2024

HyunA returned to Instagram a day later to share a new behind-the-scenes post for an advertisement shoot. Yet, she deleted it shortly after.

HyunA updated her Instagram. Caption : Advertisement shooting 240119 pic.twitter.com/tjIMa8GHA5

— House 12’s Mercury (@h12mercury) January 19, 2024

Additionally, it appears HyunA deleted her comment on her post with Yong Jun Hyung. She originally wrote, “Please view us favorably” (a common phrase asking for support).

Yet, the photo with Yong Jun Hyung remains. So, fans are disappointed once again that she has deleted multiple posts but kept that.

first ignoring her fans completely and posting random pictures the next day and now she has deleted them after probably reading all the negative comments under it BUT keeping the pic with that man?? why have you fallen this hard hyuna

— hyuna daily (@goodgirlhyuna) January 19, 2024

Hyuna literally deleted her comment on insta saying that respect her relationship I feel bad but at the same time I don’t

— SJ⁷ (aka sofia) (@sjthekpopstan) January 19, 2024

Hyuna deleted her most recent post and I’m glad cuz she just seems careless and like don’t care . I hope she knows that people are mad for serious reasons. I don’t think she can come back from this tho.

— ꕤ beth ꕤ (@yuyuafool) January 19, 2024

Recently, HyunA’s and Yong Jun Hyung’s agencies addressed the dating rumors. Read more below.

HyunA And Yong Junhyung’s Agencies Address Dating Rumors

 Fans are not happy. 

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