HYBE’s Upcoming Girl Group ILLIT’s Logo Teaser Receives Criticism — Netizens Come To Their Defense


Netizens have defended BELIFT LAB‘s upcoming group ILLIT (formerly I’LL-IT) from criticisms of their logo teaser.

The members of I’LL-IT | JTBC

After earning a place in the group following being the top contestants in the show R U Next?, it was finally announced that the group would be debuting at the end of March.

On February 26 (KST), HYBE posted the official logo film for ILLIT. In the video, the five members showcased their charm for netizens, giving a glimpse of what fans might expect from them when they debut.

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Netizens then got to see the five members together in the bright concept, with them all waving to the fans.

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The video then ended with a more detailed look at the group’s logo with an adorable animation.

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Although the video was short and sweet, netizens had very mixed and strong opinions of the teaser. Some shared that the concept seemed similar to other HYBE groups, with many pointing out NewJeans, while others thought that the logo looked too much like TXT‘s branding and had no unique qualities for the members.

Hybes 3rd group with this concept now mind you https://t.co/sCkV91kD1u

— leila yes, and? (@desiaeri) February 25, 2024

what an intricate logo https://t.co/Ws46SAQSr2 pic.twitter.com/kRueskAtqy

— ‏۟ (@haewonized) February 25, 2024

hybe want that newjeans 2.0 so bad https://t.co/RS8d9Ma6q4 pic.twitter.com/riuaVO1088

— (@nwjgenz) February 25, 2024

Yet, despite all the criticisms, netizens came to the defense of the members, sharing that after all the hard work they’ve done to debut, it seems unfair to make assumptions based on a logo film.

Many also added that rather than copying groups from HYBE, everything seen by fans is to suit the members. For example, along with the logo utilizing the “+” sign to balance with fellow BELIFT group ENHYPEN‘s “-” logo, the “cute” and “youthful” concept is perfect because of how young the members are. If they were to do anything more mature, it would be deemed unsuitable.

negative sign (-) for enhypen and positive sign (+) for I’ll-it. pic.twitter.com/AtA5qmDL62

— mocha (@sakaimok_a) February 25, 2024

honestly these girls have been THROUGH IT both on that mess of a survival show and in general especially on this app I really hope this debut goes well for them https://t.co/AqT6SgJpuc

— WHY vee (@jaedooriz) February 25, 2024

are they not… coming of age????? i’m so confused did you want them to be girl crush or something? they’re teens LMFAO

— youdumdumlmao (@youdumdumlmao) February 26, 2024

en- and the + in the illit logo :,) https://t.co/atlVMD7g5J pic.twitter.com/RUGOeLUKie

— (@melojwis) February 25, 2024

am i the only one who doesn’t see an issue with their logo the ones complaining ain’t even gon tune in so why make a comment https://t.co/9l18r0Q1XY

— ⁺¹lana moni⁷ᓚᘏᗢ⁶ (@moniplaylist) February 26, 2024

Many who acknowledged that there could be similarities between ILLIT and groups like TXT chose to look at it positively, excited to see the future stars of HYBE.

txt meet your little sisters https://t.co/nXiYHWk9qX

— leila (@marcsmoviestar) February 25, 2024

Many fans are angry that ILLIT seems to be getting a lot of hate before debuting. With only a logo video, it is impossible to guess what the concept will actually be, and although “cute” and “coming of age” are often done, it is appropriate for the members and the journey to become idols.

 The criticism stemmed from similarities to other HYBE groups. 

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