HYBE’s “Forgotten” Group Gains Attention Amid Idols’ Live Singing Controversy


Recently, multiple groups under HYBE have had their live singing skills scrutinized.

During promotions for their recent comeback, LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura was first criticized for her live singing during a music show encore, sparking the beginning of this recent debate.


As a result of the increased focus, ILLIT and TXT both had live encores receive mixed reactions from netizens.

However, the discussion reached a fever pitch following LE SSERAFIM’s performance at Coachella 2024, leading netizens to claim that HYBE was “destroying” K-Pop by pushing “out kids with lacking skills for mass production, while media playing that they are BTS’s dongsaeng groups.”

Korean Netizens Strongly Voice Out That “HYBE Is Destroying K-Pop”

Netizens on social media also discussed vocal skills amongst K-Pop groups, listing out idols they believed would be spared from criticism. Amid these discussions, a HYBE group that has thus been “forgotten” was brought up and praised.

While it was still known as Big Hit Entertainment, HYBE acquired several companies, including Source Music, Pledis Entertainment, and KOZ Entertainment.

While some groups originally under the labels have since disbanded, Pledis Entertainment groups SEVENTEEN and fromis_9 have not. Fromis_9 debuted in 2018 following the survival show Idol School and had their management transferred to Pledis Entertainment in 2021.

fromis_9 | Off The Record Entertainment

In 2022, the group released two mini albums before member Jang Gyuri‘s departure. Fromis_9 entered a nearly year-long hiatus, during which fans trended “#whereisfromis_9” after a reported comeback did not happen as scheduled.

What’s Going On With fromis_9? Fans Demand Answers From PLEDIS After All Communications Drop Since February

The group made a comeback in Jun 2023 and have since not officially returned, despite fans’ continued protests.

| Pledis Entertainment

STOP SABOTAGING fromis_9#fromis_9DeserveBetter #PLEDIS_TREAT_FROMIS_BETTER #Pledis_Treat_fromis_9_better#플레디스_프로미스나인을_더_잘_다뤄#플레디스_fromis_9을_더_잘_다뤄#프로미스나인이_더_나은_자격이_있습니다 @pledisnews @HYBEOFFICIALtwt pic.twitter.com/7VLMfvIbKy

— fromis_9 Stationhead (@fromiStation_9) April 8, 2024

With the recent live singing issue, many took the opportunity to discuss and highlight fromis_9’s skills.

ditching gfriend and locking up fromis_9 in the basement, damn they really hate women who can SING https://t.co/5JoGOWdpUI

— beom (@baebeombong) April 15, 2024

if you are wondering why fromis_9 live vocals always good, they went to many festivals around korea every year and sing live there.


— ハリス (@xromsaeyaaa) April 15, 2024

fromis9 can seriously go much bigger to be competing against some current top gg only if pledis promotes them right :/ https://t.co/HAlAELBipN

— cindy (@ride_w_svteen) April 15, 2024

In October 2023, fromis_9 participated in the soundtrack for the Naver web drama Operation: True Love, which you can check out below.

 Fans have continually asked for a comeback. 

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