HYBE Resolves Long-Standing Feud With Entertainment Titan


MBC and HYBE have embarked on a new partnership.

Ahn Hyun Joon (left) and Bang Si Hyuk (right) | Hankook Ilbo

On October 30, MBC and HYBE stated they would forge their relationship. The two companies have been at odds for around 4 years, during which HYBE artists were scarcely seen on the broadcast giant’s dial.

On this day, MBC and HYBE expressed regret over the artists who may have been affected by the two companies’ rift. MBC has also reportedly opened up discussions to produce future content together. HYBE’s chairman, Bang Hyun Sik, reportedly answered the invitation in person, meeting with the MBC head today.

BTS | NBC News

At the meeting, MBC president Ahn Hyung Joon welcomed Bang Si Hyuk and stated that he is committed to changing the culture at the broadcasting network.

Let’s create a productive environment of understanding between broadcast companies and entertainment labels and right the wrongs that have become long-held practices.

— Ahn Hyung Joon

Bang Si Hyuk welcomed the network’s sentiments and stated that he hoped the meeting of the two would foster a better work environment for all artists.

I thank MBC’s commitment to elevating the rights of K-Pop artists. I hope that this meeting transcends our two companies and will bring about a new and better culture surrounding production (companies).

— Bang Si Hyuk

Previously, HYBE and MBC were engaged in a years-long conflict during which HYBE artists essentially boycotted MBC. The two companies have never officially acknowledged their conflict, but fans and industry insiders have speculated about the rift for years.

 Nothing can stop HYBE now. 

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