HYBE Establishes Latin American Subsidiary To Enter Latin Music Market


HYBE has established a Latin American subsidiary and is gearing up to enter the Latin American music market.

In a press release, HYBE announced they will establish HYBE Latin America, a corporation that will serve as the base camp for their artists to enter the Latin America market and develop both new artists and content. HYBE Latin America will be based in Mexico.

They plan to focus on artist management, rookie artist development, and other developmental projects. HYBE Latin America will recruit top producers for its Training & Development as well as Artist & Repertoire systems. Their long-term goal is to establish the proven K-Pop system into the Latin genre.

HYBE Latin America’s chairman will be Isaac Lee Possin, founder of EXILE Content and previously the CCO of Univision and Televisa. He is also known for producing the famed series El Chapo, among other television shows. HYBE Latin America also acquired EXILE Music, a music subsidiary under EXILE Content.

 They’re targeting a new market. 

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