Hrithik Roshan’s ex wife Sussanne Khan flaunts her super fit body as she shares her insane workout video [Watch]


Hrithik Roshan‘s ex-wife Sussanne Khan is crazy about fitness and her super-fit body shows how much she believes in self-love. In the time of social media youngsters often tend to seek validation for everything and anything. But it’s important to realise why loving yourself first is the utmost priority, and this latest post of Sussanne is all about self-love. The star took to her Instagram and shared a workout video of her, where she confidently flaunts her super fit body and talks about self-love. In the video, you can see Sussanne wearing blue colour gymwear and her fit body is something that will make you instantly hit the gym right now. BollywoodLife brings latest entertainment news, TV News and OTT News. Join us on WhatsApp The caption is more inspiring than her workout video.”Note to Self.. Reach out touch faith Respect the Resistance.. and the time under tension. Life is Relentlessly Yours.. specially when Get into your Zone n Do your thing. ”

Watch the video of Sussanne Khan flaunting her super-toned body in her latest workout video.


Sussanne Khan is one celebrity who often faces social media radar for her choices. But she gives a damn about the judgments around her. Sussanne and Hrithik have been separated for years now but their bonding is something that often grabs eyeballs. Sussanne is one of the most poults celebrities and many look up to her as she lives her life fearlessly. Sussaanne has been an open book in her personal life, despite all the trolling she never hesitates to share her pictures and videos with her boyfriend Arslan Goni. Sussanne Khan believes to be an independent woman and she cares zero about the online criticism “I am oblivious, I don’t care, I have a strong woman and I don’t get affected by any social media banter. I don’t get defeated by untrue comments, it doesn’t matter to me. I am a very strong and independent woman and I am happy to be in my shoes”, she had once said to Times when asked about the social media banter around her.

 Watch Hrithik Roshan’s ex wife Sussanne Khan flaunting her super-toned body in her latest workout video; netizens cannot stop admiring her. 

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