Host Hits Back At Netizens Claiming He Made A Sexual Joke Towards LE SSERAFIM


Last month, a New Year’s special television program, the 2024 Superstar Red & White Entertainment Awards, was recently held in Taiwan.

One of the guests was LE SSERAFIM but an alleged comment made by one of the program’s hosts, Huang Weijin came under fire for its sexual implications toward the group.

The members of LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Twitter

An account of the incident was shared on social media, stating that during the show, the LE SSERAFIM members ate fried sweet potato balls, and while they were eating them, Weijin allegedly said, “I want to insert into them down there…(pause) the fried sweet potato balls.”

Posted by Chung Ming You on Saturday, 27 January 2024

When the incident gained attention, he posted an apology but insisted that he meant he wanted to “Insert himself” into the fried sweet potato balls.

After the show aired, he made a post about the incident, referring to the words that were criticized and trying to add context to them. In particular, he explained that no matter what phrase he used, netizens would’ve had an issue with it, seemingly hitting back at the initial criticism and saying it was unfounded.

Why did I say ‘down there?’
Because the fried sweet potato balls were in a bag…
They should’ve put the fried sweet potato balls on a pretty plate.
Then I would’ve said they should insert [their bamboo skewer stick] into the one by their side.
There wouldn’t have been an issue with that, right?
What do you all want!!!!!!!!!
BTW I’m using my hands to eat fried sweet potato balls now.
Bamboo skewer sticks have been banished from my world!!!!!!!!
Please support using your hands to eat fried sweet potato balls, everyone

— Huang Weijin

When the post was shared, it wasn’t surprising that fans had strong feelings about what had just been said. One netizen explained that he should just stop bringing LE SSERAFIM up in his posts and that it made his apology seem for “show.”

Are you allowed to say stuff like this as a public figure?
And you keep mentioning someone’s idol for no reason.
Just be quiet. Acting like this is just going to make you look like you apologized just for show.

— OP

Weijin then responded to the fan, and while he explained that his apology was for those who felt uncomfortable by what he said, the host denied making any “sexual joke” towards the members.

So they’re allowed to just randomly shame someone?
Another person being like “a public figure should be this and that”
Who says we need to be like that
So as a passerby can you just be quiet?
You can’t keep your mouth shut?
Does saying this make you happy?
I didn’t apologize just for show.
I apologized to those who really felt uncomfortable because of what I said.
But I’ve never admitted to making a sexual joke or saying the wrong thing.

— Huang Weijin

Another OP had a similar sentiment about Weijin’s continued discussions on the topic. In one post, a netizen shared that they initially praised his apology but the continued arguing after the show aired made everything seem less genuine and that emotions drove his words in a distasteful way.

Actually, I thought he handled it well when he posted his apology. I thought he was wronged.
But he kept arguing with netizens after the show aired and mentioning other people’s idol for no reason.
It made it seem like he apologized just because he had to, but he didn’t actually think he was wrong at all.
As a public figure, the wording he used was not in good taste and driven by his emotions.
But this is just my personal opinion.

— OP

Weijin then proceeded to respond to the OP’s comment, claiming that it was those with “dirty” thoughts who took what he said and misinterpreted it into something vulgar. He then went on to say how much hate he had received and what it was like for him to receive that.

You’re right, I wasn’t wrong at all.
Tell me, how was I wrong?
A bunch of people with dirty thoughts and brain fog took what I said and turned it into some other meaning, and pushed their beliefs onto me.
Why did I have to be wronged like this? The situation was baffling but I had to stay quiet while others continued to hate on me.
Do you know what it’s been like for me in the past few days?
What year are we in – take back the words “public figure,” don’t tell me what to do as if you’re part of a patrolling team.
Seeing your twisted ideas makes me want to vomit.

— Huang Weijin

The comment about LE SSERAFIM was a hot topic and sparked a lot of anger among netizens and K-Pop fans. While Weijin “apologized,” his continued discussions of the topic have made netizens interpret it as “ingenuine,” as he seemingly doesn’t believe he did anything wrong.

You can read the full story below.

Host Under Fire For Allegedly Making A Sexual Joke Toward LE SSERAFIM


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