Horrific CCTV Footage Of Last Night’s Brutal Attack On Female Worker Shocks Korean Netizens


In a deeply disturbing incident that has shaken the community to its core, CCTV footage has recently been released, capturing a harrowing assault on a female convenience store worker by a male assailant. The violence unfolded in a convenience store in South Korea, where the attacker, a man in his 20s, was caught on camera brutally attacking the young employee and a customer in his 50s who tried to stop him.

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The footage, now circulating widely, shows the man initially quarreling with the woman and erratically pacing around the store. After a heated argument, during which he nearly vaults over the counter, he tries to leave the store with an item.

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When the woman follows him, he violently turns around, grabs her, and forcefully shoves her into an aisle stacked with products. The impact sends her crashing through the shelving before she tumbles to the ground. But the assault doesn’t end there; the man proceeds to kick, hit, punch, and throw her against the floor.

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The situation escalates when a male customer intervenes, attempting to stop the assault. The attacker then directs his fury toward the customer, battering him with a chair and causing serious injuries.

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This graphic violence has provoked a firestorm of outrage and horror among Korean netizens. A post detailing the incident on the popular online forum TheQoo has gone viral, amassing over 800 comments filled with condemnation and calls for justice. Citizens are labeling the attack as a hate crime and are demanding severe punishment for the perpetrator. There is also a poignant call for financial support for the older male victim, whose hospital expenses are a concern to many.

This is such a hate crime it should be penalized to the fullest extent of the law… I don’t understand what’s wrong with our society anymore. I’d like to start a fundraiser to help the senior citizen with the treatment fee… Looks like it must’ve hurt a lot. SIGH. This country… It needs to start taking care of its people. Do something about men in their 20s. Ugh, this is making me cry. I wish him/her the quickest recovery. Please, PLEASE reveal the faces of the perps. I think this case basically sums up what Korean society has come to be. The person who did this belongs in jail. What in the world… I hope he/she makes a full recovery soon. Can I please just grind the culprit in a fricking blender, omfg. | TheQoo

The collective voice of the comments reflects a society grappling with shock and the demand for a strong, national response to such acts of aggression. The incident is being seen as a symbol of larger societal issues, with netizens insisting that harsh imprisonment is the only suitable outcome for the assailant.

The emotional toll is palpable, with some comments expressing a visceral reaction to the brutality of the attack—suggesting extreme measures against the perpetrator and extending heartfelt wishes for the recovery of the victims.

Women are posting pictures of their short hair in solidarity with the victim on social media. | The Korea Times

The incident is also stirring discussions about the cultural stigmas around appearance and gender. The absurdity of the attacker’s “reasoning” — targeting a woman for her short hair due to associating it with feminism — reveals deep-seated prejudices that have no place in a progressive society.

As the footage continues to spread, so does the public outcry, signaling a critical moment for societal reflection and the imperative for systemic changes to ensure such acts of violence are never repeated. The nation watches as the investigation unfolds, awaiting justice and hoping for healing for all those affected.

 “This country… It needs to start taking care of its people.” 

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