Hong Seok Cheon Gushes Over The Fourth-Generation Idol Who Resembles Everyone’s Favorite K-Drama Actors


When it comes to K-Dramas, there are some legendary names known for their acting, charm, and visuals. For many netizens, some of the names include Song Kang, Lee Min Ho, Hyun Bin, and Song Joong Ki.

Song Kang | @songkang_b/Instagram Lee Min Ho | @actorleeminho/Instagram Hyun Bin | @vast.ent/Instagram Song Joong Ki | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

What if there was an idol that combined the visuals of all these actors? Well, famous TV personality Hong Seok Cheon found the exact match.

On February 6, Hong Seok Cheon released the newest episode of his show Jewel Box. He teased the guest of the show, saying it was someone he had known for a long time who had gone from a young child and had now blossomed.

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It was none other than fourth-generation male idol GHOST9‘s Lee Jinwoo.

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Lee Jinwoo, born on September 13, 2004, was only 14 years old when he competed for a chance to debut through the idol survival program Produce X 101, which aired from May to July 2019. While he was eliminated from the show, he shocked fans with his mature transformation when he debuted with GHOST9 in 2020.

Lee Jinwoo in “Produce 101” Lee Jinwoo in 2023 | @GHOST9OFFICIAL/Twitter

Jinwoo adorably reacted to Hong Seok Cheon’s compliments of his visuals and how much he’s grown over the past few years.

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Hong Seok Cheon then revealed that Jinwoo’s visuals look like a combination of his favorite actors.

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The PD and Hong Seok Cheon then listed Song Kang, Lee Min Ho, and Song Joong Ki…

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Before Hong Seok Cheon emphasized his own belief that Jinwoo exudes Hyun Bin vibes.

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Jinwoo continued to get very shy as he received compliments about his visuals.

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GHOST9 is a group that many think deserves more recognition and Jinwoo is proof of the talent and visuals within the group. The fact he was so shy when receiving the compliments showcased his true personality.

 The list includes Song Kang and Hyun Bin… 

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