Hi Nanna actress Mrunal Thakur reveals a filmmaker rejected her saying she wasn’t sexy enough; says ‘I have thick thighs…’


Mrunal Thakur has been creating a stir with her acting skills, recently she was seen in Hi Nanna along with the Natural star actor Nani, Mrunal was mind-blowing and fabulous in the film. Mrunal who started her acting career with TV is one of the most talented divas in the town. But to get success and stardom she faced a lot of rejections to prove her worth and to date she is. But there was a time when Mrunal was attacked for her looks and body and this is something that the actress was not ready for. But made her tough. Lately in an interview, the Hi Nanna actress revealed that how she was rejected by a filmmaker who throughout she wasn’t sexy enough for a role.

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Mrunal mentioned that she kept her calm and didn’t react spontaneously to the criticism and insisted the filmmaker to at least let her give the look test. Later she added that the filmmaker came and apologised to her. Praising her team for her transform, she said,” I have immense faith in my team because they transform me. As an actor, it is important for me to be neutral, because then all the filmmakers around me can mould me into that character.” BollywoodLife brings latest entertainment news, TV News and OTT News. Click and join us on WhatsApp. Mrunal who is extremely vocal about the unfair behaviour in the industry to the actresses even said that how she is always asked to change or rather transform her body in a certain way to fit in, Mrunal added that hoe she was advised to not do a song because that required her to lose weight around her thighs to which she questioned, “I did a song and people were like don’t do this, you have to lose weight. I said, listen, I have thick thighs and I own them, and I am so comfortable. If I am not uncomfortable, then why are you uncomfortable?”. Mrunal has proved her mettle in down south as an actress and won awards for the same from Sita Ramam to Hi nanna, but in Bollywood she is still yet to get that big break.

 Hi Nanna diva Mrunal Thakur reveals she was rejected by a filmmaker who felt she isn’t sexy for a role. The actress talks about how she has thick thighs and she owns them. 

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