“He’s Got Some Special Knees”: TXT’s Yeonjun Shocks Jessi With His Twerking Skills


Korean American soloist Jessi recently made her comeback with “Gum.”

As with every comeback, Jessi also delivered a fun TikTok dance challenge for people to join. And she enlisted help from her friends from TXT, nicknamed the “watermelon squad.” Jessi shared a video of Yeonjun and Soobin dancing to “Gum” with her.


Water melon squad back!! When men POP that GUM loveeeee you guysss #gumchallenge #txt #jessi #제시 #연준 #수빈 #yeonjun #soobin #yeonjunhipsdontlie

♬ Gum – Jessi

Yeonjun surprised netizens by low-key “out-twerking” Jessi. He has a reputation to uphold, after all. He is the master of girl group dances.


this man is always surprising me #txt#txtmoa#kpopfyp#txtedits#yeonjun#yeonjun_txt#yeonjunedit

♬ original sound – #1 bamtori ♡

Still, Yeonjun surprised even Jessi with his twerking skills! She liked and replied to several comments on Instagram.

Jessi revealed that she has yet another video with Yeonjun coming, though! She teased fans on TikTok.

We’ll be looking forward to it!

 He blew her mind! 

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