Here Are The Predicted Winners Of The Daesangs At The 2024 MAMA Awards, Based On Data


With the 2024 MAMA Awards soon, the nominees for each round have been released. Although we still need time for the judges to cast their votes, fans have already begun compiling data to try to predict who will win the Daesangs this year. There are three Daesangs up for grabs — Album Of The Year, Artist Of The Year, and Song Of The Year. Here’s the predictions for each category, based on album sales, digital sales, global votes, and more.

1. Album Of The Year

For this category, sales take up a bulk of the criteria. SEVENTEEN‘s FML currently wins with the highest number of sales. The judges will be judging based on the quality of the album. With Stray Kids 5-STARS just a little over 13 points away, the judges’ votes could tip the scales in their favor.

2. Artist Of The Year

Arguably the biggest award, this award is composed of digital chart results, album sales, global votes, and the judges’ score. Things are looking up for NewJeans because they have the highest digital score. This is unsurprising as every song of theirs becomes a huge hit in the country, with everyone knowing it. Their digital scores are hard to beat, tripling the next-in-line artist’s score. Despite this they lacked in album sales, losing out to NCT Dream, Stray Kids and SEVENTEEN.

3. Song Of The Year

Could we see a double Daesang by NewJeans? “Ditto” had a chokehold over the world, rounding out their digital points at 50, by far the highest amongst the nominees. Jungkook‘s “Seven” won out in the global department, as did Jimin‘s “Like Crazy,” but they still could not overpower “Ditto.”

With the judges’ scores left to go, we may or may not see some seismic changes in these predictions. May the best idol win!

 Here’s who could win. 

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