“He Loves Women Too Much” — All The Shocking Claims Park Soo Hong’s Parents Made Against Him During The Embezzlement Trial


Comedian Park Soo Hong‘s father denied the embezzlement charges against their eldest son and claimed that Park Soo Hong “loves women too much” and that his wife was gaslighting him.

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Recently, Park Soo Hong made headlines when news broke out that his parents would be witnesses at his trial on October 13. This was the 8th trial for Park Soo Hong and his older brother and his older brother’s wife, who were charged with embezzlement. Park Soo Hong’s parents were witnesses per the older brother’s request and, therefore, testified against Park Soo Hong, which gained attention.

At the trial, the older brother and his wife were seated in the defendant’s seat, and Park Soo Hong’s father and mother stood as witnesses. Park Soo Hong did not attend.

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Park Soo Hong’s father, who sat in the witness seat, first claimed that the periodic large deposits were for Park Soo Hong’s cash reserve. When asked why Park Soo Hong needed one, he answered it was “because he liked women too much.”

Park Soo Hong loves women too much. I know of six women alone. Once, he got a baby and asked his brother and sister-in-law to handle it.

— Park Soo Hong’s father

He continued with a story about how Park Soo Hong allegedly had an ex-girlfriend whom he broke up with, and he claimed that Park Soo Hong used the cash reserve to buy cars and gifts for the women he had dated in the past.

He had a woman he was dating for 7-8 years, and they were going to get married in Malaysia. But after a few months, the woman cried and said, ‘Oppa wants to break up with me.’ At that time, I said, ‘It’s between you two, and it’s none of our business.’ Three days later, Park Soo Hong came to his mother and asked for his bank account… He said, ‘Don’t you have to give money when you break up with a woman you’ve been dating?’

— Park Soo Hong’s father


The father claimed that when Park Soo Hong breaks up with a woman, he buys a foreign car for her. He also claimed that Park Soo Hong took out the cash directly instead of purchasing these gifts with a check so that the transaction details would not be revealed.

Regarding past reports of threatening Park Soo Hong with an axe, Park Soo Hong’s father claimed it was because he was angry when he found out Park Soo Hong changed the passcode for the house after the father cleaned up after him for 30 years.

For 30 years, I did the cleaning and management of Soo Hong’s house. When I went to clean the house, the password had been changed. After spending the night with a woman, I even cleaned up his used condoms, but he changed the password without a word. So, I got angry and knocked on the door, then broke it down with a fire extinguisher.

— Park Soo Hong’s father

Comedian Park Soo Hong Is Hospitalized After Being Assaulted By His Own Father

Park Soo Hong’s father also claimed that Park Soo Hong’s wife, Kim Da Ye, is after the property of Park Soo Hong’s older brother.

It seems like Kim Da Ye is coveting the property of the elder brother and is trying to intercept money through the lawsuit. [Park Soo Hong] has become crazy.

— Park Soo Hong’s father

Before the trial, Park Soo Hong’s mother told reporters that Park Soo Hong was being gaslighted by his wife and denied rumors about Park Soo Hong’s older brother.

Park Soo Hong is being gaslighted by Kim Da Ye… People say that the eldest son is living a pretentious life. They call him a swindler, but it’s not true.

— Park Soo Hong’s mother

Kim Da Ye (left) and Park Soo Hong (right) | @blackcatdahong/Instagram

Park Soo Hong’s older brother and his wife, who operated the agencies Rael and Media Boom from 2011 to 2021, handling Park Soo Hong’s management, are accused of embezzling a total of ₩61.7 billion KRW (about $45.8 million USD). The couple admitted to some charges but denied most of them.

Park Soo Hong’s mother had been a regular guest on the SBS variety show My Little Old Boy in the past and revealed her face to the public. However, after news of Park Soo Hong’s brother and family broke, the show stopped playing reruns of specific episodes and announced Park Soo Hong and his mother’s departure from the show.


Park Soo Hong and Kim Da Ye got married at the end of last year, but it was reported that his parents did not attend their wedding.

 They even insulted his wife. 

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