Han So Hee’s “Dreams” Come True After Meeting A Top Hollywood Actress At DIOR’s Paris Fashion Show


Han So Hee‘s “dreams came true” after meeting a huge Hollywood actress at an event in Paris.

Actress Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram

Han So Hee is known as an ambassador for DIOR and has proved to be the perfect representative for the high-end designer brand.

| @xeesoxee/Instagram | @xeesoxee/Instagram | @xeesoxee/Instagram

On January 22 (local time), Han So Hee attended the DIOR show in Paris. As expected, the actress looked stunning and shocked fans in a see-through lace dress.

HAN SOHEE pic.twitter.com/RK82csYu08

— ٰ (@lqsohe) January 22, 2024

Guys I think I like Girls now.. Han Sohee the woman you are.. Literally gagged me. So fine pic.twitter.com/k2eczoJgYu

— ᑎila (@JiwoongNS) January 23, 2024

han sohee’s visual.. pic.twitter.com/qtodoYcd49

— ‍ (@soheefilm) January 23, 2024


— ś (@4hansohee) January 22, 2024

Yet, while Han So Hee’s visuals were the talk of the internet, it seems like the actress lived out her own “dreams” during the show. Alongside Han So Hee, the DIOR show was full of so many huge celebrities, and the actress was seen socializing with some of them.

Han Sohee with Chinese actress Jiang Shuying at Dior 2024-2025 Spring/Summer heute couture show#HanSohee #한소희 #HanSoheeXDiorSS24 pic.twitter.com/6JGq7Z7v9l

— Han Sohee Global (@hansoheeglobal) January 23, 2024

After the event, Han So Hee shared photos on her Instagram, showcasing the beauty of the event but also how perfect Han So Hee looked throughout.

| @xeesoxee/Instagram | @xeesoxee/Instagram | @xeesoxee/Instagram | @xeesoxee/Instagram

Yet, while the focus could’ve been on Han So Hee, the first picture of the photoset seemingly showed what her priority was. In the first shot, there was an adorable photo of Han So Hee with Hollywood superstar Natalie Portman.

Han So Hee and Natalie Portman | @xeesoxee/Instagram

She was so obsessed with meeting Natalie Portman that she posted a completely new post with the actress…

| @xeesoxee/Instagram

With the caption, “Dreams come true.”

In videos shared by photographers at the show, although Han So Hee seemed starstruck by her photos as they greeted each other…

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The two actresses seemed like besties as they posed for the media.

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As always, Han So Hee might shine wherever she goes, but she is sometimes a truly relatable fangirl just like the rest of us.

You can read more about Han So Hee at the DIOR show below.

Actress Han So Hee Flaunts Her Curves In A See-Through Lace Dress For Dior

 Why did they look like long-time besties? 

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