Han So Hee’s Agency Addresses Alarming Video Of Actress Yelling At Brand Event


Han So Hee‘s agency offered an explanation as to why the actress yelled at a recent brand event.

Han So Hee | Boucheron

On March 5, Han So Hee’s 9ATO Entertainment revealed their stance on an incident that occurred at a Boucheron event, during which the actress yelled at people to be quiet. According to an agency representative, the actress had yelled due to safety concerns.

There were too many people at the event, and it had become so chaotic that there were safety concerns. There was a DJ booth next to her, so she had to yell to get her point across.

— 9ATO Entertainment

The representative further explained that the actress was filming for Boucheron, so she was asking her staff members to quiet down.

At the time, the event was very hectic, and Han So Hee was filming for the brand, so she was in the middle of telling the staff to quiet down.

— 9ATO Entertainment

9ATO Entertainment then addressed the rumors alleging that the actress had only yelled at the Korean members of the media. According to the agency, the rumors were false and only sparked due to the fact that Han So Hee had yelled in Korean.

It isn’t true that she only yelled at the Korean media members. At the time, members of the local press were also present, including press members from different nations. I think there was a misunderstanding due to the actress yelling in Korean.

— 9ATO Entertainment

Meanwhile, Han So Hee alarmed fans when a video of her yelling at people during a Boucheron event went viral.

Read more about the incident in the link below.

Actress Han So Hee Yells At Someone At Boucheron Party In Paris


 The video has sparked various rumors about the star. 

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