Han So Hee Surprises Fans With “Sensuous” Gifts In Paris


Actress Han So Hee recently caught the attention of netizens during her trip to Paris for the 2024 Paris Fashion Week.

Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram


One of the most important stops on her itinerary was the 20th-anniversary party hosted by the luxury jewelry brand Boucheron, which she attended as the global ambassador. From her looks to her off-camera personality to her life-of-the-party moments, Han So Hee created a buzz every step of the way.

But her most heartwarming moments were when she was seen handing out special gifts to fans who were waiting outside her hotel.

| @xeesoxee/Instagram

Han So Hee is already known for her sincere treatment of fans. She always ensures to interact with them, sign autographs, and even pose like a close friend for photos.

Look at how adorable Han Sohee was when she took the gift from a fan… her eyes literally went

https://t.co/RRXkLzhJGU#HanSohee #한소희 pic.twitter.com/Xyjhxxzfqy

— Han Sohee Global (@hansoheeglobal) July 7, 2023

Had the best 5mins talk with my bestieee in paris she’s the cutest @xeesoxee she said she is excited and nervous because of the mv release with jungkook next week but i told her armys love her sm protect my girl so hee at all cost she is the kindest pic.twitter.com/3Vvv14hhkb

— butterflymimi (@ssarahthun) July 7, 2023

Han Sohee signed a polaroid and phone case for a fan. Our pretty Sohee

: phonecase too? Really?

https://t.co/v196uzTTl6#HanSohee #한소희 pic.twitter.com/vMya5sCZkD

— Han Sohee Global (@hansoheeglobal) July 7, 2023

But on this recent Paris trip, she went the extra mile that nobody expected. Some viral videos of the actress taken in Paris showed her smiling brightly at the fans in front of her hotel while she handed them multiple sheets of paper.

Later, fans revealed that she prepared pictures and handwritten letters for them all. And in an iconic token of love, she stamped the letters with her lipstick!

According to reports, Han So Hee used her leisure time at the hotel to prepare these gifts in advance for her fans since she knew that her busy schedule wouldn’t allow for much interaction.

Could there be a sweeter person in this world?

 The good ol’ Hollywood way! 

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