Gyeongseong Creature diva Han So-Hee and Park Eun Bin giving senior Korean drama actresses tough competition with high fees


The love for Korean content the world over has meant that some stars enjoy superstardom across nations. In 2022, Park Eun Bin left a great impression on people with her performance in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. She was also good in Castaway Diva. It seems the lady’s fees for her upcoming project, Hyper Knife is staggering. She could be paid as much as 300 million KRW (around USD 224,000) per episode. In Indian money, it is above a crore per episode. This has been reported by Newsen. It seems the actress is still in the process of negotiating her fee. Park Eun Bin has become popular all over the world with Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Rapid rise in fees of Park Eun Bin

After Extraordinary Attorney Woo, she has hiked her fees to a great extent if reports are to be believed. She made close to a crore for every episode of Castaway Diva. It is quite normal for actors to raise fees if the past project strikes gold, but Park Eun Bin’s fees have just doubled as per news reports. The lady has had a long career in the Korean entertainment industry starting off as a child actress. She has done great work on shows like Hot Stove League, King’s Affection, Do You Like Brahms? and others. The actress had showed her mettle ever since she was a child actor.

Han So-Hee also leads the way in list of highest paid Korean actresses

Han So Hee is also commanding very high fee for her projects. It seems she got USD 149,000 for every episode of Gyeongseong Creature. The show will soon see its second season on Netflix. Han So Hee has been a part of the industry for a relatively short time. In the past, we have seen her on shows like Nevertheless, My Name, The World Of The Married and more. She also featured in the music video Seven with Jeon Jungkook. While both the leading ladies are known for their acting prowess, Han So Hee has a bigger fandom in foreign countries. She is good in emotional dramas as well as action packed roles.  

 Korean actress Park Eun Bin of Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Han So-Hee of Gyeonseong Creature have left many top Korean actresses behind with high fee for projects 

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