GOT7’s Yugyeom And “Marry My Husband” Actress Surprise Fans With Their Unexpected Friendship


Jackson Wang wasn’t the GOT7 member actually behind all the parties. It was Yugyeom!

Yugyeom (left) and Jackson (right)

Yugyeom held the listening party for his first album, Trust Me. Many of the hottest stars attended, including actor Song Kang and his idol friends, such as ATEEZ‘s Mingi, SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon, The8, Woozi, and DK, BTOB‘s Peniel, NCT‘s Jaehyun and Johnny, iKON‘s DK, PENTAGON‘s Hui and Kino, fellow GOT7 member BamBam, and more.

Yugyeom with Jaehyun, Johnny, Song Kang, Mingyu, BamBam, Jung Gunjoo, and DK | @yugyeom/Instagram

Fans were shocked by just how many celebrities Yugyeom is friends with when he posted photos from the party to his Instagram account. Yet, one surprised them more than others.

Clearly, Yugyeom has many “boyfriends.” But netizens spotted a famous actress among the men in the group photo…

yugyeom wasn’t lying when he said he had a lot of boyfriends

— ㄴㄱ (@dlawosud) February 20, 2024

It was none other than actress Song Ha Yoon. While she made her acting debut 21 years ago, she has received more praise and attention recently more than ever due to her role as Jeong Su Min, the evil best friend of the lead character (played by Park Min Young) in the hit K-Drama Marry My Husband.

Song Ha Yoon (left) with Yugyeom (right) | @yugyeom/Instagram Song Ha Yoon in “Marry My Husband”

Song Ha Yoon and Yugyeom appeared close in their photobooth photos that he uploaded. Some fans were shocked by the unexpected friendship.

yugyeom being friends with actress song hayoon is such a big news to me

— 령 (@markedjin) February 20, 2024

omg even the bitch from marry my husband was there too???

— ‏۟ (@dohfault) February 20, 2024

This friendship actually goes back many years ago! Ahgases (also known as iGOT7, GOT7’s fandom) pointed out that Song Ha Yoon is the lead actress in GOT7’s infamous 2015 web drama Dream Knight. She played the main character, Joo In Hyung.

A young girl named Joo In Hyung, suffering from her past experiences until a group of mysterious men suddenly enter her life. The fantasy romance drama touches on dreams, love, and friendship.

— MyDramaList

reminder that actress song hayoon (marry my husband actress) was the female lead in got7’s 2015 drama Dream Knight

— (@sunnchans) February 20, 2024

Guys why are you so surprised that Yugyeom’s is friends with Song Hayoon? You haven’t watch Dream Knight?

— reign (@ahgastrophe_) February 20, 2024

So, Yugyeom and Song Ha Yoon have known each other for nearly a decade! Still, some fans hadn’t expected them to be in touch so long after filming Dream Knight. 

crazy how we got dream knight reunion in the year of 2024 sjsksk i’d be less surprised if it’s jinyoung but YUGYEOM AND HAYOON

— (@geussai) February 20, 2024

so yugyeom and song hayoon are still in touch even years after dream knight awww

— (@intupjy) February 20, 2024

Yugyeom is just that sociable!

 They go back nearly a decade! 

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