GOT7’s Jackson Wang “Fights” Two Trainees For A Handsome Male Actor’s Affections


GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is always doing something that attracts attention!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang

As of late, the super-successful idol has had low K-media coverage but has remained busy. Jackson earned multiple awards, worked with Louis Vuitton and Cartier as an ambassador, and finished his Magic Man world tour.

| @JacksonWang852/X | @JacksonWang852/X

Jackson Wang at the #WeiboMusicAwards2023. The Maison congratulates the House Ambassador who was awarded for Singer of the Year wearing an #LVMenSS24 look by Pharrell Williams with the newly unveiled green Monogram Speedy bag.
 #JacksonWang #LouisVuitton

— Louis Vuitton (@LouisVuitton) September 28, 2023

The idol also took a step in the production direction he has discussed before when he was announced to be a producer for Chuang Asia Thailand, a spin-off of Produce Camp. Jackson will be the survival show’s lead mentor, set to air in February 2024.

The label that he co-founded, RYCE Entertainment, will debut the winning team.

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From the first episode, Jackson displayed chemistry with his co-judges, including an excited moment where he appeared to get close to “kissing” co-judge NCT’s Ten.

JACKSON AND TEN#CHUANGAsiaJacksonWang#JacksonWang #王嘉尔 #잭슨 @JacksonWang852

— 𝐣𝐨𝐲𝐜𝐞 (@cyjprint) February 3, 2024

Now, Jackson has had another funny moment involving another of the show’s judges!

Including Ten and Jackson, the show has three other judges: actor Mike Angelo, singer and actress Nene, and singer-songwriter Jeff Satur.

| WeTV

During the show’s second episode, Mike Angelo went on stage to do a “love triangle” skit with two of the trainees. The skit progressed to the two trainees “fighting” over Mike Angelo as his wife and girlfriend.

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Jackson then joined the skit, asking who the women were and then questioning who he was, Mike. Mike Angelo replied, “my boyfriend” which made Jackson hop into action, grabbing his hand and walking him away in a drama-like fashion.

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Jackson: Who is she?
Mike: She’s my girlfriend. That’s my wife.
Jackson: What about me?
Mike: My boyfriend.
Jackson: What are you doing here? You don’t get to choose, I choose you.

This was just Jackson being his usual flirty self! You can check out the highlights of episode two below.

 Jackson can always get everyone laughing! 

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