GOT7’s Jackson Calls Security On His Co-Judge On New Idol Survival Show


GOT7 member Jackson is going viral for calling the security on one of his co-judges on an idol survival show.

Jackson is currently the lead mentor on the Thai idol survival show CHUANG ASIA, a show aimed at creating idol groups across Asia.  The line-up of the other mentors includes stars from across the continent, including WayV’s Ten, Thai singer-songwriter Jeff Satur, Thai-Chinese actor and singer Mike Angelo, and Thai-Chinese singer and actress Nene Pornnappan (also known by her Chinese name, Zheng Naixin).

The first episode of the program was already chaotic, especially with the ceaseless flirting of Jasmine, a contestant from Thailand, with the judges. During her introduction, she smoothly delivered some quote-worthy pick-up lines at Jackson and Ten, getting some hilarious reactions out of them.

Another clip emerged from the same episode, but with the tables turned. Instead of Jasmine flirting with the mentors, one of the mentors decided to beat her at her own game, and it was none other than Mike Angelo.

In the clip, Angelo said he wanted to test Jasmine’s English proficiency, asking her to spell “cute.”

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She quickly responded with the correct spelling, but that was just the premise Angelo needed to deliver the actual pick-up line. He swiftly replies back, “No. It’s y-o-u,” finishing it up with a cherry-on-the-top wink.

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While the flirting sent the other contestants and the audience into a frenzy…

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Jackson hilariously started calling for security instead!

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While the moment itself was already funny enough, many Ahgases (GOT&’s fanbase) were reminded of a similar instance where Jackson called the security on his own groupmate, Yugyeom, while he was pretending to be a fan during a fan meeting.

Jackgyeom banter hits different Yugyeom imitating Jackson’s ‘Okay’ and his “oH yEahHhh” will always be iconic @yugyeom #Yugyeom #유겸 @JacksonWang852 @teamwangofcl #잭슨 #王嘉尔 #TeamWang @GOT7Official

— OT7Ahga Int Fanclub (@OT7Ahga) February 17, 2022

Jackson and calling security guards on his peers— name a better love story, we’ll wait.


 He was having none of it 🤣 

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