Glow-Down? MOAs Disappointed By New TXT Merch


TXT is making their comeback with third studio album, The Name Chapter: FREEFALL, on October 13.


HYBE MERCH recently revealed the new TXT merchandise themed for the new album. While the group has always been known for their great merchandise designs that anyone would be happy to wear proudly, MOAs (TXT fans) are more than dissatisfied with the new merchandise reveal.


MOAs compared past merch designs, such as for the last album The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION, to the new designs for The Name Chapter: FREEFALL. Many felt it was a glow-down.

went from the cutest merch to the most graphic design is my passion shit i’ve ever seen

— nessa ♡ྀིྀི 🫧 ✵ (@FAIRSHAMPOO) October 11, 2023

why can’t they just bring back the old types of txt merch?

— crizz. FREEFALL D-1!! ✵ (@abcsbinnie) October 11, 2023

Some even felt the newly revealed merchandise looked like a knock-off rather than an official. It appeared to MOAs that no effort was put into its design.

What do you think about the new merch?

 Is the merch for “The Name Chapter: FREEFALL” the worst yet? 

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