Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon And aespa’s Winter Are The Ultimate Visual Duo At “SMTOWN LIVE 2024”


On February 21, SM Entertainment held their SMTOWN LIVE 2024 SMCU PALACE concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. Several artists under the label took part in the concert, including H.O.T.’s KangtaTVXQSuper JuniorGirls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and HyoyeonRed VelvetNCT 127NCT DREAMWayVaespa, and RIIZE, as well as the debut showcase for NCT WISH.

The concert was a huge hit, and fans were pleased with all of the incredible collaborations that happened between their favorite artists at the event.

Changmin x Kyuhyun x Shotaro IDOL

— Rebimelectroniczephyr (@jscbim) February 21, 2024

There were plenty of sweet, endearing, and entertaining interactions between the different K-Pop idols at the concert too, and one that has been getting a lot of attention online involves Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and aespa’s Winter!

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The two pretty idols have been compared before with some fans thinking they have a lot of similar features, especially since Taeyeon doesn’t look over a decade older than the younger Winter!

Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) and Winter (aespa) at SMTOWN LIVE 2024

It’s debatable how much they actually resemble each other in terms of their similarities, but there’s no denying that together they’re a visual duo to admire.

The two girl group members had some interactions backstage as well, even filming a cute TikTok together that showed off their sweet friendship.

Netizens enjoyed seeing the two different-generation idols interacting together at the concert!

We love seeing supportive and sweet senior-junior relationships like this in the K-Pop industry!


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