(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon Shocks Netizens With Her Unreal Figure In A Sexy AF Outfit For “Super Lady”


(G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon has shocked fans with her unreal figure and proportions in a sexy AF outfit from the group’s new music video.

Since debuting, Soyeon has always caught netizens’ eye with her unreal proportions wearing different and bold looks. Whether she is on stage, on a schedule, or just posting, the idol always showcases her own kind of sexiness.

It seems like Soyeon has sent netizens into meltdown with a specific outfit from their new music video.

On January 29, (G)I-DLE released the video for their new song “Super Lady.” While Korean and international fans had very different views of the song, most fans thought it was extremely badass, and the video truly cemented itself as “legendary.”

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While all the members looked stunning and badass throughout, one particular outfit of Soyeon’s caught the attention of fans. In one scene, Soyeon is sitting on what seems like a metal scorpion and is wearing a stunning silver and sheer catsuit.

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Screenshots of the scenes show off the stunning outfit even more.

Netizens went even crazier after finding the OG piece from Mugler.

When the photos of Soyeon were shared in the outfit, netizens couldn’t get over how sexy the idol looked, flaunting her unreal proportions and figure.

what a woman pic.twitter.com/LI0mWXeiih

— soyeon archive (@jsysarchive) January 29, 2024

No one has said this yet cuz I’m sure you’re all being respectful but as a straight female I just need to point out what an insane body and ass that Soyeon has pic.twitter.com/vdHOVSXKDP

— َ (@YuqiVirus) January 29, 2024

JEON SOYEON FROM (G)I-DLE pic.twitter.com/uUoRR2UVSV

— tiny.pretty.j (@soyeonstagram) January 29, 2024

jeon soyeon is the moty
(mother of the year pic.twitter.com/fRIPUhZovz

— soyeon pics (@soyeonmania) January 29, 2024

As always, Soyeon never ceases to shock fans with her visuals and figure. The messages in (G)I-DLE’s songs are always empowering, and Soyeon showcasing her confidence in such a badass AF outfit is truly epic.

 The OG piece is badass and confident, just like Soyeon! 

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