(G)I-DLE Is Being Praised For Referencing Fourth-Generation K-Pop Girl Groups In “Super Lady”


The fourth generation of K-Pop will always be known for the dominating girl groups that have debuted. One group that is being praised for acknowledging the talent is fellow top fourth-generation girl group (G)I-DLE.

The members of (G)I-DLE | @G_I_DLE/Twitter

Since debuting, the members of (G)I-DLE have always been pioneers in music, and they did exactly the same thing with the release of their latest song, “Super Lady.”

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As expected from female icons, the song paid tribute to their fellow girl groups, showcasing that “Super Lady” is truly a song for female empowerment.

From the very beginning, netizens noticed references, whether it was “They call me ‘Savage’ that’s my name,” which is being linked to aespa.

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The line “Let’s go fearless” had netizens thinking of LE SSERAFIM‘s song “Fearless.”

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Even when Shuhua said the word “slay,” netizens believed it was meant to link to EVERGLOW‘s most recent release.

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Soyeon‘s line seemingly combined two references as she once again used the word “savage,” but also the part saying “The Baddie,” which netizens thought referred to IVE‘s hit song “Baddie.”

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Many also noticed that they paid homage to 2NE1’s CL…

they also made reference to the song hello bitches by CL #GIDLE #CL #GIDLE_TwoOUTNOW #GIDLE_TWO pic.twitter.com/eL3okblSqL https://t.co/knG3QGzSLd

— ᵍᶻᵇ ⁷ (@GZB_Bruce) January 29, 2024

It’s not the first time (G)I-DLE has referenced other groups, with many sharing the time NewJeans was referenced in their song “Allergy.”

When the song was released and netizens noticed the references, they couldn’t hide how happy they were. (G)I-DLE is always known for their feminist messages, and seeing them support their fellow fourth-generation girl groups

GIDLE paying tribute to 4th Gen Girl Groups’ songs

Savage – Aespa
Baddie – IVE
Fearless – Le Sserafim

If Allergy did shout out to New Jeans Hype Boy, Super Ladies is doing shoutout to other super groups aka SUPER LADIES


#GIDLE_SuperLady pic.twitter.com/MlLVGww2md

— R (@aydoll_) January 29, 2024

Ngl (G)I-DLE mentioning Baddie by IVE, Fearless by Le Sserafim and Savage by Aespa in Super Lady makes me so happy… women on top supporting other women on top is genuinely one of my favourite things on earth🥲
Ah… if only fandoms did the same…

— Leti⁶~ is seeing ive (@aautumn__leaves) January 29, 2024

gidle making references to ive lesserafim and aespa in superlady they really are the 4th gen’s MOTHERS pic.twitter.com/5L945DRuo0

— s (@idlecitas) January 29, 2024

Nobody has mentioned it yet but I love the shoutout to some of the top 4th gen girl groups in Superlady!

IVE – Baddie
Le Sserafim – Fearless
Aespa – Savage

They’re all in Superlady’s lyrics. An icon. Bringing all the gg up not down!#SuperLadyOUTNOW#GIDLE_TwoOUTNOW

— Peter Pan (@wertycabela) January 29, 2024

(G)I-DLE referred to other 4th Generation Girl Groups in their new title ‘Super Lady.’

Aespa – Savage
IVE – Baddie
Le Sserafim – Fearless pic.twitter.com/ocD5LZW9kP

— tiny.pretty.j (@soyeonstagram) January 29, 2024

As expected, (G)I-DLE showcases their message of female empowerment in so many ways, not only hyping up their fans but also fellow idols.

 This is the true definition of female empowerment! 

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