(G)I-DLE Fans Defend Soyeon From Xenophobia


(G)I-DLE are preparing to release their second full album along with the new song “Super Lady” on January 29.

Recently, they released the second teaser for the “Super Lady” MV. It features the members in their Beyoncé “Renaissance” style concept. The video opened on (G)I-DLE leader, rapper, and producer Soyeon, saying, “Let’s go. I’m fearless. We came to take win.”

Yet, this brief clip from the teaser attracted haters. Netizens criticized Soyeon’s pronunciation. Some said they couldn’t even understand what she was saying.

wtf did she say… https://t.co/xGmMjc88oP pic.twitter.com/1LxZhtz9Hn

— 𖥔ᴼᴬ (@mostimpactful) January 25, 2024

This wouldn’t be the first time netizens criticized (G)I-DLE, specifically Soyeon, for her English pronunciation. “Nxde,” “My Bag,” and “Queencard” were frequently made fun of on the internet. For example, netizens would say they didn’t even know Soyeon’s “My Bag” rap verses were in English.


y’all are saying she needs to double check soyeon’s lyrics as if she’s her tutor or something ??? i’m gonna tell you right now… she does not care! #minnie #gidle #queencard #i_feel #kpop #fyp #yuqinator

♬ original sound – yuqinator

I just found out soyeon says red five diamonds in my bag… she really needs to stop with the English lyrics cause even if she said five red diamonds which is the correct order the pronunciation is just not it… how am I supposed to understand

— Petra (@ForJisooWithLuv) April 1, 2022

So, when fans saw Soyeon receiving unnecessary criticism again, they jumped to her defense. They called out haters for xenophobia because Soyeon is simply speaking with her Korean accent when she speaks English, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Not so friendly reminder that if you mock Soyeon’s English pronunciation, I don’t care how much you dislike her, you’re still a racist piece of shit. I genuinely feel bad for any immigrants that unfortunately have to be around your xenophobic ass.

— Yuqi’s Himbo² (@puppienevvie) January 26, 2024

To the people saying sy shouldn’t speak english because she has an accent, first of all fck your xenophic racist close minded ass secondly who made YOU incharge of telling people if they should speak english or not? Thirdly no one gives a sht about english, EVERYONE has an accent https://t.co/d1kw5ufY1B

— Free Palestine (@manichinicha) January 25, 2024

“let’s go i’m fearless we came to take win” kpop stan’s being xenophobic while stanning asians will always be crazy to me. wait till u guys find out 1st gen immigrants w thick accents exists where u live https://t.co/64XvyVeigu

— 2 idle (@outdat3dd) January 25, 2024

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 Netizens often make fun of Soyeon’s English. 

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