Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Ishaan aka Shakti Arora wins over IshVi fans for his loyalty towards Savi [Check Reactions]


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is doing great numbers on the TRP charts. We have seen how Ishaan Bhosle (Shakti Arora) is now married to Savi (Bhavika Sharma) due to a promise given to Harinee (Yesha Harsora). The couple are in a fake marriage which Savi says she will dissolve once her sister gets better. But it looks like Ishaan has some serious feelings for Savi. The references to Lord Vitthal and Rukmini on the show have made people believe that this marriage is going to last. In the coming week, we will see that the fake marriage of Ishaan and Savi will be exposed before the Bhosle family. BollywoodLife brings to you all the latest entertainment news updates. Join us on WhatsApp.

Fans notice how loyal Ishaan is to Savi on Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

We will see that the marriage of Ishaan gets exposed in the coming days. The priest says that Ishaan’s horoscope shows that he is already married. It seems he got wedded in the same mahurat when the ritual of Lord Vitthal and Rukmini’s marriage was happening. Reeva (Sumit Singh) notices that Ishaan was not at home for that function. Savi wants to continue the fake marriage drama to bring Harinee out of her coma state.

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Netizens react on the loyalty of Ishaan

In a scene, fans of IshVi have noticed how Ishaan could not tie the dori of Reeva when she asked him to. There was a clear discomfort on the face of the character. They found it quite cute.

#GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin dil le lo Dr. Ishan Bhosale?u proved marriage is a sacred bond of a husband & wife, love is important but what’s more important is loyalty. Falling in love is not in our hands but being loyal to our partner definitely is? @shaktiarora the actor u r??

Medz (@Silly_Lilly0608) January 23, 2024

On one hand awkwardness with Savi and on another hand loyalty towards the wedding with her. #IshVi #IshaanBhosle #GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin #ShaktiArora

_Sonal_ (@sonal_100nal_9) January 23, 2024

Ishaan savi se shaadi karne ke baad reeva ki dori bhi nhi band pa raha hai?? #ShaktiArora #IshVi#GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin

sunita kumari (@sunitak42692547) January 23, 2024

Dil lelo yaar Ishaan? Aaj tumhare 7 khoon bhi maaf Last ka 1 mahina bhi maaf Isha & Savi ke saath rude behavior bhi maaf#GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin

Navika (@Navika68030849) January 23, 2024

Kuch bhi kaho banda loyal hai ??#GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin #ShaktiArora #IshVi

sunita kumari (@sunitak42692547) January 23, 2024

We have to see if the second season does not turn up like the first one. The bigamy angle had left fans furious. Fans will remember how badly Virat Chavan aka Neil Bhatt got trolled.      

 Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Ishaan aka Shakti Arora wins over the audience with his performance as the awkward but loyal husband in last night’s episode 

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