Gadar 2 star Sunny Deol NOT invited for Hema Malini 75th birthday bash? [Exclusive]


Hema Malini hosted a grand celebration at her 75th birthday bash, and it was a full house. Dream Girl invited all her friends and B-town actors to the special day, and we witnessed Bollywood biggies such as Salman Khan, Rani Mukerji, Jaya Bachchan, Rekha, and many more make their way to be a part of this iconic day. While Hema had her family by her side, including her husband and veteran actor Dharmendra, they happily cheered for her while cutting the cake. But what grabbed everyone’s eyeballs was the absence of Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol from the party. Did Sunny Deol didn’t get invite from Hema Malini to attend her 75th birthday bash. Recently, Hema Malini claimed that all was well between her stepson Sunny Deol, and they are extremely cordial with each other. Then why wasn’t the Gadar 2 star present at the bash? An insider reveals,” Sunny Deol was definitely sent an invitation, but due to his work schedule, he couldn’t make it. Hema Ji and Sunny Deol are cordial, and there is no difference between them. Having said that, there is no space for any gossip here. Sunny Deol even sent a flower bouquet to Hema Malini on her 75th birthday and acknowledged her invitation, but due to his genuine work commitment, he couldn’t make it”. As the celebration video from Hema Malini’s birthday bash is going viral on the internet, the netizens are pointing out that all is not well between Sunny Deol and Hema, and hence she ignored to invite him and seemed revenge from the Gadar 2 star for ignoring her and her daughters Esha Deol and Ahana Deol for her son Karan Deol’s wedding. The entire first Deol family was missing from the party except Dharmendra. Sunny Deol didn’t invite Hema Malini and her step sisters, Esha Deol and Ahana Deol to his son Karan Deol’s wedding. The feud between the Deol’s came to light after Dharmendra publicly apologised to his daughter, Esha Deol, for being unable to give the respect she and the family deserved as they were ignored from being a part of the family wedding. Later, we witnessed how Sunny invited Esha to the Gadar 2 success bash, and everyone was beaming with joy, claiming all was well, but this latest ignorance game once again proves there is something wrong. Stay tuned for more entertainment news.  

 Sunny Deol ignored being invited to Hema Malini’s 75th birthday bash. Gadar 2’s absence once again starts the speculation of the feud between the Deols. 

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