G-Dragon’s Entrance To Police Investigation Put Under New Scrutiny


The car G-Dragon rode in to meet with the Police is garnering attention.

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On November 6, G-Dragon met with Incheon Police to be investigated for drug allegations.

On this day, the idol arrived in a black BMW 7 Series. Due to the car dropping G-Dragon off in front of the photo line, the car has been spotted in many photos of the scene.

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The idol’s car choice has become a hot issue due to the fact that G-Dragon is an ambassador of BMW.

Considering the fact that BMW had taken down photos of G-Dragon following the drug allegations, many felt that G-Dragon must have been confident in his innocence to arrive in the car.


Hours later, G-Dragon proved his confidence was merited, as news broke that the idol had tested negative for drugs. Fans reacted to the news by demanding answers from the Police, with many asking what evidence they have to publicize G-Dragon’s investigation. You can read more in the link below.

Korean Netizens Demand Answers Following G-Dragon’s Test Results


 The idol rode in to the police station in a BMW. 

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